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List 2 ways an amendment can be ratified

1. 3/4; (38) state legislatures vote in favor of it

2. 3/4 of special state conventions, called for by the state legislature, vote in favor of it

What does apportionment mean?

distribution of seats in the legislative body based on population

Describe how senate maintains consistency & stability during election years.

1/3 elected every 2 years

List 4 options Pres. has when bill is sent to him.

1. Sign it the law

2. Veto it

3. Pocket veto

4. Law w/out signature

What does the writ of habeas corpus require a person who is detaining another person to do?

produce the body

2 ways an amendment can be proposed:

1. 2/3 vote in Congress

2. 2/3 state legislature calls nat'l convention

Why did framers of the constitution include a specific definition of treason?

to prevent the fed. gov't from loose use of the the people can criticize gov't w/out fear

List 2 things guaranteed to each state by the constitution to encourage them to ratify it

A representative/republican form of gov't

Protection from foreign aggression/domestic turmoil