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The statement of purpose for the Constitution is...
the Preamble
The power to make laws is given to what branch of government?
legislative branch
What two chambers make up congress?
House of representatives and the Senate
What is the term of office for congresspersons?
2 years
What are the requirements for the office of house representatives?
25 years old, 7 year U.S. citizen, reside in district and state
What is the total number of Representatives in the house?
435 members
How many representatives does CA have?
53 representatives
Name your representative and district you live in.
Ellen Tauscher 10th district(WC/C)
George Miller 7th district (C/PH/M)
What is a census?
a count of the people authorizedby congress every 10 years
The number of representatives a state has is determined by...
How is vacancy filled?
the governor calls for a special election.
Who has the power to impeach?
the house of representatives
Impeach means?
to accuse
What vote is necessary for impeachment?
simple majority (one more than half the members)
What is the senates roll in impeachment? what vote is necessary for conviction?
conducts the trial, 2/3 rds vote necessary for conviction
How many senators are there in California? name them.
2 senators: Barbara Boxer and and Diane Feinstein
How many senators are there in the Senate?