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What two types of software do computers require?

Applications software and systems software

What is application software?

They are programs written to perform end user task

Give some examples of application software.

Word processing, spreadsheet and graphics packages

What is system software?

It controls and monitors the running of application programs, control/manage the hardware and allow users to communicate with the computer

Give some examples of system software.

Utility programs, operating system, library programs and programming language translators

What is the operating system?

It is the interface between the user and the computer and it manages the resources

What does the operating system do?

It controls and monitors the running of application programs. It allows the users to communicate with the computer and it provides the user with a 'virtual machine'

What happens each time you switch on your PC in regards to the OS?

The OS kernel (the part you need in memory all the time) will be copied from the hard disk into memory

What is the OS sometimes referred to as?

The 'Virtual machine'

What are utility programs?

They are programs that perform a specific task relating to the operation of the computer

What are some examples of utility programs?

Virus checker, security and accounting software, disk formatter, disk compressor and disk scanner

What is a library program?

It is a library of regularly used software routines, held in a computer backing store