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Define a computer system

Define an embedded system

A system that operates individually inside another system eg time on microwave

Define a dedicated system

Systems that are designed for a specific purpose

What is avail

The percentage of time that the system is available to the user, excluding planned downtime

What is mean time to failure

The average time until a system fails

Define reliability

Whether a system consistently produces the same results

Define availability

How much a system suffers degradation or interruption in its service

Define serviceability

How easily maintenance can be performed on a system

What is RAID

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

Using multiple disks writing the same data to improve performance

Define data backup

Having a copy of data elsewhere

What are the 3 possible types of data output




Define standards

A set of characteristics, properties, procedures or methods that must be met

What are the 2 types of stndards



What are open standards

Open source

Have no owner

Public domain

Maintained by volunteers

Eg python

What are proprietary standards

Belong to a company

Charge for licence


Define de facto

Market forces or being the first on the scene make 1 standard THE standard

Eg QWERTY keyboard

Define de jure

Legally backed, industry standard


What was the computer misuse act about, and when was it issued

Hacking, 1990

What was the data protection act about, and when was it issued

Security, 1998

What was the copyright and patents act about, and when was it issued

Intellectual property, 1998

Define CPU

Central Processing Unit

The brain of a computer

What are the two parts of the CPU

ALU, Arithmetic and Logic Unit

Control Unit

What is the job of the ALU

Addition and comparison

What is the job of the control unit

Feeds data in and out

Clock function

Define the fetch-execute cycle

Define 1 Hz

1 clock cycle per second

Define 1 GHz

1000 million clcom cycles per second

Define 1 MHz

1 million clock cycles per second

How many cores does an octacore processor have


Define volatility

Whether a system needs power to remember data

Define RAM

Random Access Memory

Define static RAM

No refresh

5 transistors



Define dynamic RAM

Needs refreshing

1 capacitor and 1 transistor

Define ROM

Read Only Memory

Define EPROM

Electronically Programmable Read Only Memeory

Define BIOS

Basic Input Output System

Define validation

An automatic computer check to ensure the input is sensible and reasonable

Define a BIT

Binary digIT

What is the diagram for a NOT gate

What is the diagram for an OR gate

What is the diagram for and XOR gate

What is the diagram for an AND gate

Define firmware

Fundamental elements of a pc

Define an algorithm

A set of steps designed to solve a problem

Define instructions

Commands that the processor can interpret and execute

Define program

A set of stored instructions

Define software

Programs that run on a computer

Define applications

Software designed to carry out a real world task

Define a platform

A combination of hardware and software that supports the running of applications

What is the job of a kernel

To handle low level hardware interactions

Define GUI

Graphical User Interface

Define a network

A set of connected computers and other devices which share resources

Define Peer to peer network

All computers are equal

No network wide security

Backup is difficult



Define a client server

Central control


Easy backup

Define PAN

Personal Area Network

Define LAN

Local Area Network

Define MAN

Metropolitan Area Network

Define WAN

Wide Area Network

Define a bus network

Define a ring network

Define a star network

Define a switch

Cannot determine where message desires to be sent so sends message to all linked devices

Define a hub

Can choose where a message is to be sent to

Define a router

Send messages between 2 or more networks

Define a bridge

Used to connect 2 LANs together but is not as efficient as routing

Define NIC

Network Interface Card

Define a protocol

A set of rules which define how devices communicate