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The screen that appears when you first start Windows 98, providing access to your computer's programs and files and to the Internet.
Active Desktop
to position the mouse pointer over an item on your computer screen
a rectangle located in the vertical and horizontal scroll bars
scroll box
a disk that is built into the computer
hard disk
a logical structure for folders and files that mimics how you would organize files and folders in a filing cabinet
file hiearchy
an electronic collection of information that has a unique name, distinguishing it from other files
The program that you are using, differentiated from other open programs by a highlighted program button on the taskbar and a diffrently colored title bar.
Active program
used to change computer settings such as desktop colors or mouse settings
control panel
to press and release the left mouse button twice quickly
a section of a divided window
Windows Explorer is an example
to move an item to a new location using the mouse
a collection of files and/or other folders that helps you organize your disks
a toolbar located next to the Start button
quick launch toolbar
graphical representation of computer elements such as files and programs
a file that you create using a program such as WordPad
a computer program that controls the basic operation of your computer and the programs you run on it. Windows 98 is an example
operating system
temporary storage space on your computer's hard disk containing information that has been cut or copied
an environment made up of meaningful symbols, words, and windows in which you can control the basic operation of a computer and the programs that run on it
graphical user interface
the area along the top of the window that indicates the file name and program used to creat it
title bar