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Server side processing

user requests web pages

form may be submitted to the web server

http POST meathod / http GET meathod

when user presses submit data is sent

web server passes data to req program

server processing generates dynamically new web pages

CGI - Common Gateway interface

passes data to a server script or program

sends a web page users request and responds back with a new web page.

server side scripting

the processes results replace the script in the returned web page

scripts embedded in a web page are intercepted by the server and sent to a processing module before page is sent

Serber side scripting

embedded within a web page document saved with a file extension such as:

PHP , python, Java server pages etc...


Hypertext pre-processor

script language made to make it easy to create dynamic web pages with server side commands

steps in server side scripts

scripting is invoked

web server intercepts php files and executes the server side script

server side executes

returns with web page requested.

What are some form cautions

possible meathod for injecting executable code

special directory with permission set to limit execution of the content of a file.

What are sp,e server side scriting technologies


Java server pages

ruby on rails

microsoft active server pages

adobe coldfusion

Microsoft NET framework

Client side VS server side ?

local animations, localized and personal apps or applets, graphical user interface, event driven and fast responses,

data persistance, data sharing, dynamic content must be created from shared sources request-response driven

Riich internet application

ex, google docs, social media, blogs , all information is kept in application hosted on the web pages


send data between the UI and the server

Asynchronous couple between client side and server side

user gets some immediate feedback and can contiunue untill the server responds

Country code domain names

country code top level domain names - each country can determine subdomains

internationalized domain names

international domain names are now in place these allow the domain names of specific countries to be entered and veiwed in the web browsers in the native languages

Generic TLDs

generic top level domain name

what should we consider when choosing a domain name

new buisness / established business

describe your business

avoid hypens

Private resistration of a domain name

additional fee but personal information is kept private and out of WHOIS database

self hosting,

ideal for large or medium companies

co-location hosting

you purchase and configure a server then locate it in a colocation site -- you rent rack space and internet bandwitdth

Virtial cloud servers

cloud service that provides a virtual server for exclusive and private use

Virtual server

virtual machine managersthat let these computers run different software stacks even different operating systems at once

lets you share server software without affecting others.


virtuals servers can often scale to handle increased web site traffic. this can be dynamic with workload and is invisible to the user

configuation of virtual server

permit exact software and customization needed to support specific web site applications


on going adminstration is via specific web based soles that provide you with run time statistics as well as other tools to keep your virtual server running within your account limits

Web development cyle

conceptualization - analysis - design - production - testing - launch - maintenance - evaluation

seach index

search directories maintain a heirarchial category of topics and places web site listings into these categories

What are the search engine components

robot crawler


serch form

what is a search engine robot

what is a search engine database

database management systens

search engine database

search form

search engine results page

Keywords for each engine optimization

how can the meta tag be useful uin search engine optimization

What are the steps for earch engine optiomization

what are prefential placement ads and what are the three types

Whta is web analkytics

what can you do to optimize your page for social media

What are the different parts of the sample access log

4 principles of visual organization

What are the different types of alignment

usability for the website

what are things to keep in mind when it comes to user expectations

What are some good website practices

information about you, the author

no dead end links

its a good idea to put the date you last updated your site

what are good design techniques to appeal to everyone

What are good things to remember while designing for your target audience

Hierarchial organization

What is the three click rule

Linear organization

random organization

What are things to consider while making your web page easier to navigate

navigation bars

breadcrumb navigation

using graphics for navigation

dynamic navigation

site map

site search feature

what are the three types of navigation

What are a few good practices for navigation

PARC design principles





What are the four accessibility principles (POUR)

Keep design easy to read

use web safe fonts, use appropriate size, use strong contrast, use columns and add white space, check spelling and grammar.

What are the elements to a two colunn page layout

Jello Design

a normally liquid design that freezes at a width of less than 800px

Navigation Layout

CSS Pseudo - classes






why would we use an image to replace header text

What is the order or Cascade of style sheets

Wireframe layout / boxes

What is the page layout box model

When do we use Class vs Id?

Three types of CSS positioning

What is abosute positioning

What is relative positioning

What is float positioning

clear property

overflow property

Display property

what CSS properties to make Vertical navigation

What CSS properties to make Horizontal navigation

adding transparency

an alpha channel for the degree of transparency or opacity

What are CSS selectors

contextual or compound selector

styling that applies just to a heading or paragraph within a unique section identified with an id or a class of sections identified with a class

Child selectors

sibling selectors

ID selector

ids identify one unique structure

using class selectors

apply a CSS rule to a certain class of elements on a web page

Block level element

Span element

Style sheets


what are the advantages of using CSS styling with HTML

What does each CSS styling rule contain

monochromatic color scheme

web safe fonts

color harmonies




What are the properties of raster images


color depth




file format




Lossy compression

lossless compression


Alpha channel





web development

web design

The world wide web

Client server model


two or more computers connected together for the purpose of communicating and sharing resources


local area network


wide area network


physical connecting cables for LANS


a public global network of interconnected networks and computers

web page

a single page of hypertext information containing hyperlinks hosted on a web server


Web site

a collection of hyper linked web pages on a single topic and hosted on a single server

internet backbone

high capacity communication link that carries data gathered from smaller links that inerconnect with it


a private network using internet technology and protocols contained within an organization or buisiness used to share information and resources amoug coworkers


a private network that securely shares part of an organizations information or operations with external partners

client server model

relationship between two related computer applications a client and a server


requests come type of service from the server


fufulls the request and transmits the results to the client usually over a network

What are the three types of HTML lists

Unordered list

ordered list

Description list

HTML Tables

rowspan and colspan attributes

What are some popular uses for Java script

Alert message, pop up windows mouse movement techniques

Jump menus

Pop up wimdow

Web browser window that may appear when you interact with the Web pages

What are the different ways in incorperate Java into a Web page

Script element

Structure for an alert message box

alert ("message to be displayed")


Used to collect information from the user

Arithmetic operators

Used to calculate


A block of Java script statements with specific purpose that can be run when needed

J query

Free open sourced Java library

Project manager

Oversees the development process

Information architect

Clarifies missions and goals of the site


Determine th sites long term and short term goals


Determine information topics

Functionality requirements

Environmental requirements

Content requirements

Old approachable and new approach

Review competitors sites

Estimated costs

Cost benefit analysis


Web authoring tool

Organize site files

Develop and individuality text components

Testing phase

Test on different browsers

Different screen resolution

Different bandwidths

Different locations

Mobile device

Things to consider when choosing a domain name

Describe your business

Be brief if possible

Avoid hyphens

There's more than. Com

Brainstorm potential keywords

Avoid trademarked

Know the territory

Verify avaliablity

Web has sting provider

Organization that offers storage for your website files along with the service of making the, avaliable on the web

Types of Web hosting

Virtual Web hosting

Dedicated hosting

Co location hosting

Java script

Object base scripting language