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Can you make flash cards on a computer?
Yes just go to flash card
Can a computer explode?
Yes there is manny ways it can explode.
Can you fande info in a computer?
Yes because you can get in to the enternet.
Are the letters in the key bourd in order ?
No becouse that will show you that you should learn to type.
Can a computer work it self ?
Of course not silly.
What is a monitor?
It is a cinde of screen.
Should you put food neer your computer?
No because the computer mite get damaged.
What is the caps lock key for?
So you can capitalis all the letters.
Is there an exit button on the left of your key bourd?
Yes there is there for a resone.
Can you hilite something with your mouse?
Yes just left click onyour mouse and hould it untill you hilite what wanted to hilite.