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What are storage media types that can be erased and written to multiple times?




Platters of a magnetic hard drive spin at a rate measured in:

Revolutions per minute

The capability for replacing computer system components without causing interruption to the system operation is known as:

Hot swapping

Which of the following answers list(s) example(s) of hot-swappable drives?

USB drive

FireWire drive

SATA drive

eSATA drive

True or False?

A type of storage device with no moving parts that uses memory chips instead of magnetic platters is commonly referred to as a Solid-State Drive (SSD).


Flash memory card formats include

xD-Picture Card

CompactFlash (CF)

Secure Digital (SD

What is a proprietary flash memory card format used mainly in older digital cameras?


A hybrid drive provides a combination of which of the following technologies?



A type of media used as a secondary system storage in tablets and mobile phones is known as:


A storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a single logical unit to increase logical volume size, improve performance, or reliability is known as:

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID)

Which of the following solutions does not offer fault tolerance?


What are the characteristics of RAID Level 0

It is known as disk striping

Decreases reliability (failure of any disk in the array destroys the entire array)

Is suitable for systems where performance has higher priority than fault tolerance

What are the characteristics of RAID Level 1

Requires at least 2 drives to implement

Is also referred to as disk mirroring

Offers improved reliability by creating identical data sets on each drive (failure of one drive does not destroy the array as each drive contains identical copy of the data)

What are the characteristics of RAID Level 5

Requires at least 3 drives to implement

Offers increased performance and fault tolerance (single drive failure does not destroy the array and lost data can be re-created by the remaining drives)

Which RAID type has the highest disk overhead?

RAID Level 1

RAID Level 10 requires a minimum of how many drives?

4 drives

What refers to a nested (hybrid) RAID level?

RAID 1+0


Which type of RAID level creates a striped set from a series of mirrored drives?


A single-sided, single-layer DVD disc can store up to:

4.7 GB of data

A single-sided, double-layer DVD disc can store up to:

8.5 GB of data

What are the characteristics of Blu-ray Disc (BD) technology?

BD-RE can be erased and written to multiple times

A standard-size dual-layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 50 GB of data

BD-R discs can be written to once

A standard-size single-layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 25 GB of data

A single-layer mini Blu-ray disc can store up to:

7.8 GB of data

What is the capacity of a dual-layer mini Blu-ray disc?

15.6 GB of data

What are the characteristics of tape drives?

Magnetic media

Slow seek times

High Capacity

List the types of storage media in order from lowest to highest capacity.

Floppy Disk, CD, DVD, BD, Tape