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A type of memory module form factor most commonly used for extending the capacity of primary storage in laptop computers is called:
Which of the answers listed below refers to a memory type commonly used as an additional external storage in laptops?
What is the most common type of laptop port used for the purpose of connecting peripheral devices?
Which of the following functionalities allows to overcome standard keyboard size restrictions in laptops?
Fn key
Internal hard drive types used in laptop computers include: (Select all that apply)


Magnetic disks


Which of the following answers describe the features of Solid-State Drives (SSDs)? (Select 3 answers)

High device cost

Lower capacity compared to magnetic drives

High performance

What is the name of an HDD type that combines high performance and capacity at a relatively low device cost?
Which of the statements listed below refer to the characteristic features of traditional magnetic drives? (Select 3 answers)

High capacity

Low device cost

Low performance

Which of the following answers lists the most common magnetic drive form factor used in laptops?
SSD form factors used in laptop computers include: (Select 2 answers)



What is the most common battery type that can be found in modern portable devices?
Compared to port replicators, docking stations:
Usually offer additional ports and capabilities
Which of the devices listed below offers the least amount of options when it comes to hardware upgrades that can be performed by the device user?
Portable devices combining the capabilities of mobile phones and handheld PCs are commonly referred to as:
The term "Phablet" refers to a type of mobile device designed to combine the format of smartphones and tablet computers.
Which of the following answers refers to a portable device type designed primarily for the purpose of reading books in digital format?
Which of the answers listed below refers to a technology that enables carrying out mobile payment transactions with the use of the physical phone device?
Which of the following technologies can be used by devices communicating in a WPAN? (Select all that apply)


Near Field Communication (NFC)

Infrared (IR)

A proprietary connector type used by Apple mobile devices is known as:
Lightning connector
A Wireless Access Point (WAP) or site offering public wireless Internet access is commonly referred to as:
Which of the following terms refers a mobile device's capability to share its Internet connection with other devices?
The CMOS setup utility can be accessed by pressing: (Select best answer)
The key set by the motherboard manufacturer for accessing CMOS setup utility during boot
The Advanced Boot Options screen allows for starting Windows in advanced troubleshooting modes. The Advanced Boot Options menu can be accessed by turning on the PC and pressing a function key before Windows starts. Which of the following keys provides access to that menu?
Unexpected system shutdowns and reboots can be caused by overheating of the PC's internal components.
Which of the answers listed below refers to launching Windows only with default settings and basic device drivers?
Safe mode