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A type of network consisting of computers and peripheral devices that use high-frequency radio waves to communicate with each other is commonly referred to as:
The disadvantage from using this device results from a fact that any incoming signal on any of its ports is re-created and sent out on any connected ports, which in turn forces all the connected devices to share the total amount of available bandwidth.
Which of the following answers refers to a data link layer (Layer 2) device designed to forward data packets between Local Area Network (LAN) segments?
A device designed to filter and transfer IP packets between dissimilar types of computer networks is called:
An infrastructure device designed for connecting wireless/wired client devices to a network is commonly referred to as:
Access Point (AP)
What type of device would be the most convenient for interconnecting two or more physically separated network segments?
Wireless bridge
Which of the devices listed below allows for establishing a communication channel over a PSTN?
Analog modem
Which of the following devices can be installed in an AMR slot?
A software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet and depending on the applied configuration settings either blocks it or allows it to pass through is called:
A simple device consisting of multiple computer ports arranged in rows used for the purpose of cable management is known as:
Patch panel
A type of network device that amplifies received signal so it can be transmitted over greater distance without loss in quality is called:
Which of the answers listed below refers to a network device that allows to overcome limitations related to the maximum allowable cable segment length?
A computer networking technology that enables sending data over wiring used for transmission of electrical power is called:
Which of the following acronyms refers to a solution that allows for carrying both data and electrical power over a single twisted-pair Ethernet cable?
Which of the following tools would be used for attaching RJ-45 connectors to a twisted-pair Ethernet cable?
What is the name of a tool used for removing electrical insulation cover from electric wires?
Wire stripper
Which of the tools listed below would be used for testing power supply voltage output?
What is the name of a networking tool used for locating a cable in a cabling bundle or tracing individual wires in a cable?
Toner and probe kit
A type of tool used for verifying correct electrical connections of wires in a cable is known as:
Cable tester
While troubleshooting problems with a Network Interface Card (NIC), connector pins on the NIC's port can be tested with the use of:
Loopback plug
Which of the networking tools listed below is used for attaching wires to a patch panel?
Punchdown tool
Which of the following networking tools would be of help in determining the optimal placement of a WAP?
Wi-Fi analyzer
A hardware solution designed to extend the functionality of a laptop computer by providing the capability to add various types of devices on an external expansion card is called:
A hardware technology designed as a replacement for the PCMCIA standard is called:
ExpressCard /34 and ExpressCard /54 are two form factors specified by the ExpressCard standard. Numbers after slash in these two form factors refer to the card's: