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Which of the display standards listed below uses the 16:10 aspect ratio?
Examples of connectors providing the capability for carrying both video and audio signals include: (Select 2 answers)



Which of the following answers refers to the features of DisplayPort?
Digital audio/video connector
Which of the connector types listed below are used with coaxial cabling? (Select 2 answers)



The PS/2 connector is a 6-pin Mini-DIN connector used for connecting: (Select all that apply)



In computer security, the term "Biometrics" refers to physical characteristics of the human body that can be used for identification and access control purposes.
Which of the following are biometric devices? (Select all that apply)

Retinal scanner

Iris scanner

Fingerprint reader

Which of the answers listed below refer(s) to the function of digitizer? (Select all that apply)

Translates analog data into a format suitable for computer processing

Component of a mobile device's screen that allows to control the device with a fingertip

Input device

Common areas of implementation of smart card reader devices include: (Select 2 answers)

Physical security


Which of the following answers refer to the examples of output devices? (Select 3 answers)


Display device


What is the name of a hardware device that allows for administering multiple hosts with the use of a single mouse, keyboard, and computer screen?
KVM switch
The term "Smart TV" refers to a type of advanced television set that enables more interactive user experience by offering additional features such as web browsing or video streaming.
A standalone appliance connected to a TV set or other display device that enables receiving television signal and/or Internet data is commonly referred to as:
Set-Top Box
Which of the acronyms listed below refers to a technical standard for digital representation and transmission of sound?
Which of the following answers refer(s) to device(s) capable of providing both input and output functions? (Select all that apply)

Touch screen

KVM switch

Smart TV

Set-Top Box

MIDI enabled devices

A printer's capability to print on both sides of a paper sheet is known as:
Duplex printing
In printing, the term "Collation" refers to a configuration setting for organizing printer output in a specific order.
Network printer sharing through a wired connection can be implemented with the use of which of the following interfaces? (Select all that apply)





An infrastructure device designed for connecting wireless/wired client devices to a network is commonly referred to as:
Access Point (AP)
A wireless networking topology in which client devices communicate directly with each other without the use of a controlling Access Point (AP) is known as: (Select 3 answers)

Ad hoc mode

Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS)

Peer-to-peer mode

Wireless interfaces that can be used for the purpose of network device sharing include: (Select 2 answers)



A common network communication protocol used for enabling two hosts to establish a network connection and exchange data is known as:
Which of the answers listed below refers to an Apple technology that allows for automatic discovery of services and network-enabled devices on a local network?
An Apple technology built into most popular printer models enabling network printing service without the need for manual configuration from the user side is called:
Which of the following answers refers to a laser printer component responsible for transferring the toner and image or text to the paper?
Imaging drum