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غالب شدن

to triumph, to defeat

ghāleb shodan

غمگین شدن

to become sorrowful, to sadden

ghamgin shodan

غیرتی شدن

to become defensive or protective (of family honor), to become an upholder of ghayrat; colloq. to become fanatical, to be particular (about)

ghayrati shodan

فراری شدن

to escape, to flee, to escape, to hide out, to absent, to decamp

farāri shodan

فلفل‌نمکی شدن

to gray

felfel-namaki shodan

قبول شدن

to be accepted, to be admitted, to pass

qabul shodan

to be cut, to get disconnected

قطع شدن

qat` shodan

کامل شدن

to become complete, to become perfect, to be completed

kāmel shodan

کدر شدن

to become blurred, to become opaque, to become murky; fig. to become upset

kader shodan

کوچک شدن

to become small, to shrink

kuchak shodan

کیپ شدن

to be sealed, stuffed up

kip shodan

گرفتار شدن

to be caught; fig. to be caught up (in), to be trapped, to be busy

gereftār shodan

گزارش شدن

to be reported

gozāresh shodan

گفته شدن

to be said

gofte shodan

گیج شدن

to become dizzy, to get confused

gij shodan

لاغر شدن

to become thin, to lose weight

lāghar shodan

مات شدن

to be astonished, to be at a loss, to be helpless, to be checkmated

māt shodan

مبتلا شدن

to fall sick (with), to be stricken (with); lit. to fall in love

mobtalā shodan

متعلق شدن

to become owned (by), to become associated (with)

mota`alleq shodan

متمایل شدن

to become inclined (to), to lean (towards)

motamāyel shodan

متواری شدن

to run away, to flee, to escape

motavāri shodan

متوجه شدن

to notice, to notice, to realize, to perceive

motavajjeh shodan

متوقف شدن

to stop, to end

motavaqqef shodan

متولد شدن

to be born, to be given birth to

motavalled shodan

مجازات شدن

to be punished

mojāzāt shodan

مرکب شدن

to consist (of), to include, to contain

morakkab shodan

مریض شدن

to get sick

mariz shodan

معلوم شدن

to be found out, to be found out, to show, to turn out

ma`lum shodan

ملی شدن

to become nationalized

melli shodan

منجمد شدن

to freeze, to become frozen, to congeal, to curdle; colloq. fig. to become motionless

monjamed shodan

منفجر شدن

to explode, to burst, to blow up

monfajer shodan

مواجه شدن

to face, to come up against

movāje shodan

نابود شدن

to be obliterated, to be destroyed, to be annihilated

nābud shodan

ناخوش شدن

to get sick

nākhosh shodan

ناکام شدن

to die young, to fail, to be unfulfilled; fig. to wither on the vine

nā-kām shodan

نصیب شدن

to befall, to be the destiny (of)

nasib shodan

وارد شدن

to enter, to get inside

vāred shodan

واقع شدن

to be located, to happen, to appear

vāqe` shodan

وسوسه شدن

to be tempted, to be enticed

vasvase shodan

هدایت شدن

to be guided, to be steered

hedāyat shodan

هشیار شدن

to regain consciousness, to become alert; fig. to become aware, to become sober

hoshiār shodan

یاد‌آور شدن

یادآوری کردن

to remind

yād-āvar shodan

یقین شدن

to become convinced, to become sure

yaqin shodan