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تعطیل شدن

to go on break

ta`til shodan

تلقی شدن

to be considered

talaqqi shodan

تمام شدن

to be completed

tamām shodan

توزیع شدن

to be distributed

tozi shodan

تولید شدن

to be created

tawlid shodan

تهی شدن

to become empty, run out

tohi shodan

جدا شدن

to be seperated, to depart

jodā shodan

جیم شدن

to escape (coll)

jim shodan

چیره شدن

to overcome, come to terms

chire shodan

حذف شدن

to get deleted

hazf shodan

حشری شدن

to become sexually aroused

hashari shodan

حل شدن

to be solved

hall shodan

خارج شدن

to go out, exit

khārej shodan

خالی شدن

to become empty; be exhausted

khāli shodan

خاموش شدن

to be extinguished; (fig) to die down

khāmush shodan

خسته شدن

to become tired

khaste shodan

خشک شدن

to dry out

khoshk shodan

خواستار شدن

to wish, demand

khāstar shodan

دارای چیزی شدن

to acquire

dārā-ye chizi shodan

درست شدن

to be corrected, prepared

dorost shodan

درگیر شدن

fig. to become entangled (in), to become busy (with)

dar-gir shodan

دستپاچه شدن

to become flustered

dast-pāche shodan

دست‌خوش چیزی شدن

fig. to undergo, to be subject to, to suffer, to take

dast-khosh-e chizi shodan

دک شدن

colloq. to sneak off

dak shodan

دیوانه شدن

to go crazy, to fall madly in love

divāne shodan

راضی شدن

to become satisfied, to become pleased

rāzi shodan

رو شدن

to be revealed; colloq. to dare, to have the courage (to)

ru shodan

روان شدن

to proceed

ravān shodan

روبرو شدن

to be faced (with)

ru-be-ru shodan

رونما شدن

to appear, to become visible, to manifest itself

ru-nemā shodan

رها شدن

to become free, to be released, to be dropped

rahā shodan

ژنده شدن

to become worn

zhende shodan

سربلند شدن

to be proud, to feel pride

sar-boland shodan

سلمانی شدن

to be cut (hair)

salmāni shodan

سیر شدن

to eat one's fill, to be satiated, to be content; fig. to have more than one can bear

sir shodan

شروع شدن

to start, to begin

shoru` shodan

شلوغ شدن

to become crowded, to become busy

sholugh shodan

ضعیف شدن

to become weak, to grow feeble

za`if shodan

طنین‌انداز شدن

to echo, to ring, to resonate, to sound

tanin-andāz shodan

عازم شدن

to head (to), to set out (for)

`āzem shodan