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The Supply Officer is directly
responsible for
financial accountability. SUPPO is also
responsible for all internal financial processing and external
reporting, but may delegate the following responsibilities to
What can be consider an External Reporting.
OPTAR related reports such as Transmittal (TL) to
external agencies.
OPTAR is issued by who?
TYCOMs out
of Operations and Maintenance, Navy (O&M,N) funds passed down by
Fleet Commanders.
OPTARs granted or managed by the TYCOM include
which of the following categories of funds.
Supplies and Equipage (S&E), Aviation
Operations Maintenance (AOM),
Flight Operations (FLT OPS),
Individual Material Readiness List (IMRL),
Air Mine Counter Measure (AMCM),
Other Air Operation Support, Temporary Additional
Duty (TEMADD), and
Transportation of Things, Navy (TOT,N).
If RSUPPLY transaction entries resulted in
erroneous financial data appearing on the BOR, what need to be done?
prepare a message
report with the correct data. Explain the reasons for pen and
ink changes in the remarks section of the BOR message
No OPTAR holder is authorized
to close a month or a quarter with a negative balance without a
prior approval from
CNAF comptroller
NWCF was created to
incorporate what OFC funds?
Navy Stock Fund (NSF),
Navy Industrial Funds (NIF)
and other centrally managed funds
what term is now applies when NSF, Navy Stock Account (NSA), Defense Budget Operating Fund (DBOF) and NIF were previously used
what type of Fun is the NWCF?
is a revolving fund used by RSUPPLY activities to stock material, less
Ship’s Store stock and provisions, as authorized inventory
NWCF expenditure is normally reimbursed from?
issue to End-Users
NWCF fund
should never be utilized to requisition Aviation and Surface
Initial Outfitting requirements
The replacement requisitions due to subsequent expenditure (Issue to End-Use, OSO transfer, Inventory ajustments, etc.,) are funded by
What fund covers most
consumable COG inventory.
The functionality of DFAS migrated to who?
the changed made from DFAS to TYCOM required the unit’s obligation and expenditure to be managed under what system?
Standard Accounting and
Reporting System
what does SAC stand for?
Special accounting class.
is a shore
based financial system that integrates DOD Standard General
Ledger (SGL) accounting and provides Centralized Accounting and
Billing (CAB).
Transaction Item Reporting (TIR). process allows
MFCS to track what?
all shipboard receipts and expenditures, including
adjustments, of SUPPO managed inventory assets making appropriate debits and credits to the NWCF stores account.
Another responsibility is the financial tracking and
reconciliation of Other Supply Officer (OSO) transfers of NAVICP
inventory assets when one of the activities is a CAB activity
what is the first step in reviewing and balancing the monthly reports like Trial or Live Financial updates.
performing a financial audit
DO ID (D4S) from the MFCS system.
This transaction applies to the receipt of
material from commercial procurement.
first prior fiscal year BOR for report months
(October__ through March___)
in accordance with the current FY BOR due dates.
prior FY BOR report months
April__ through September ___
only for the months in which there is a change in OPTAR grant or column 24 gross adjusted obligations.
what subsystem in RSUPPLY contains many technical
and financial validation tables that the RSUPPLY system uses to verify the information for use in various process
Site Management Subsystem
TYCOM current financial guidance message advised the
inability of STARS-FL to process obligations which cite alpha
"I" and "O" in the serial number field
what manual provides step by step procedures on the
processing of Trial Financial Update and Live Financial Updates
RSUPPLY Support Procedures User's
Manual, Volume V,
The Trial Financial Update must
be generated at a minimum of?
once per month
what are the The Trial Financial Update Option?
(Daily, Weekly or
Units will run the Live Financial Update as close to the last day of the month for the month being reported. what financial Update options must be utilized on the end of the month/yearly update.?
month/yearly update
on the Live Financial Update The "Daily" Option must be utilized on wht TL date?
1st, 2nd, and 3rd TL due
on the Live Financial Update The “Monthly” Option will be utilized for
the EOM (end of the month ) TL
Service related requisitions will
always be assigned with what type of document number series
This type of services
will be liquidated with a single bill. The quantity field
on the requisition must equal “00001”.
One-time Services.
These are defined as services
which will be liquidated with multiple bills
Continuing Services
The quantity field on the the continuing services requisition must equal
Each time payment is made, on a C9999 the transaction will appear on the SFOEDL as a
“Partial Order Established” (POE) and the balance remaining will
be indicated.
Erroneous use of a quantity of (00001) on
continuing services will result in premature
de-obligation of the
units shall submit the transmittal report
(unfilled.xxxx) via salts on the what date?
10th, 20th, and last day of the
SFOEDL processing procedures are outlined in
-NAVSO P-3013.
-RSUPPLYSupport Procedures User's Manual, Volume V, Section D.
SFOEDL differences shall not exceed what percentage of
Gross Adjusted Obligations (GAO) for current and two prior fiscal
year OPTAR accounts.
Credit will be posted on the ship’s corresponding OPTAR account after what DI is processed
Response Memo or Challenge Notification Worksheet is now required
no later than?
the 25th of each month
Even when units has no SFOEDL challenges, what is required of?
a negative report is still required
(DI X76
SFOEDL differences
column 23 of the BOR
A “Difference Control Log” (or
SFOEDL Ledger) must be maintained for all fiscal years to record what?
posting of the SFOEDL, and; to show total dollar values posted to each fund code, to record the month and year of the SFOEDL, to record the date they were posted, and to show umulative totalsby fund code.
A “Challenge Control Log” will
also be maintained for each fiscal year to record what?
carcass charges
challenges forwarded to Comptroller shop
determine overdue credit and follow-up action.
The SMARTS program was developed for what purpose?
to automate the detailed processing and posting of SFOEDL transactions in RSUPPLY.
pre-defined parameters (JSS280
SFOEDL Extract Error Report
This report provides the
list of records that was read but was not written.
Units are "not" authorized to locally cancel valid OPTAR obligations regardless of their age unless confirmed cellation status is received from the supply system
A comprehensive UOL listing
is generated
on a Quarterly basis by the comptroller for research
and validation by the units
will reflect what type of OFC transanctions?
OFC9/10/20/50transactions only.
Listings will be forwarded to units approximately?
15 days after the close of the
UOL validation and responses in the form of annotated
spreadsheets are due back to CNAF accounting Division in how many days?
10 working
days after receipt of the listings
Working the UOL is now a quarterly requirement for CNAF OFC?
OPTAR holders
UOL Response Codes A?
Cancelled on TL #_____
UOL Response Codes B?
Request CNAF cancel and credit unit’s SFOEDL
UOL Response Codes C?
UFO is still a valid requirement, no action
The governing instruction for the purchase card program is the DON e-Business Operations Office Instruction
GAINS AND LOSSES INVENTORY LISTING report is produce via what path?
(Inv>Management>Inventory Reports> Gain/Losses/Surveys
S&E funding is provided to ships to fund?
supplies and equipage required to operate and maintain the ship.
as further supplemented by the instructions
contained herein. The obligation of funds in excess of
authorized OPTAR, not attributed directly to an emergency
situation, is serious and will be reported immediately by
naval message or SALTS to the TYCOM The message shall state the situation, cite its cause and provide a plan of action to correct the over-obligation.
Properly chargeable to S&E funds?
Embarked Flag Requirements
Embarked Staff and AIRWINGs
Charter and Hire Costs
Telephone Toll Charges
Office Machine Rental
Special Clothing.
Organizational Clothing.
Reprographic Equipment
Automated Data Processing (ADP) Equipment
TYCOM Centrally Funded Programs
Ships entering port will submit vehicle
requirements via a
“Logistics Requirements” (LOGREQ) message
Rental costs for both passenger and non-passenger carrying vehicles will be funded from what fund.
The second
position of the fund code for passenger carrying vehicles will be
The second position of the fund code for non-passenger
carrying vehicles in overseas ports?
The second position of the fund code for non-passenger
carrying vehicles in CONUS port?.
Equipment purchases such
as shredders, copiers, and computers that are provided to the
Staff and AIRWING belong to?
the ship and remain with the ship upon Staff and AIRWING departure.
Overseas charter and hire
expenses for the following services will be funded by ships-held?
Telephone toll charges incurred
will be funded by each responsible CV or CVN using Fund Code
second position
(DD Form 1131)
Collection Vouchers
What funds are used to
procure special clothing for authorized ship’s company only?
What Funs are used to procure ID Jerseys and Cranial Helmets
What funds will be used to support squadron personnel requirements
Flight OPS
What will be used to
procure foul weather jackets for each ship’s pool of foul weather
What Funds are used to procured Flight Deck Vests. Mark 1 (MK1) flight deck life preservers for ship personnel
and staff unit personnel embarked during a deployment. Squadrons
and wings embarking on deployments will provide own vest
What Fun is used to procurede physical security equipments (includes
AT/FP AEL for purchases, operations, and maintenance), physical security site improvements, physical security management and
planning (includes non-Navy port assessment team travel),
security forces and chnicians, law enforcement security and investigation matters
purchases of ADP equipment are properly chargeable to S&E citing
second position Fund Code
Maintenance Related Material
Enhanced Quality of Life

The Program also provides for phased
equipment replacement prior to service life expiration and
general marine design support for compartment and messing
renovations. Information about this program can be obtained from the TYCOM.
What TYCOM program automatically funds this program at the rate of $50,000 per ship, per fiscal year. It Aslo provides low cost, shipboard acceptable furniture and equipment.
Federal Prison Industries
Who funds
and manages extreme cold weather clothing pools for distribution as required by the CVs or CVNs
When it is determined that an individual is eligible for campaign or service awards, who is responsible for procuring the applicable medal as a charge against the ship’s
OPTAR, citing the fund code for “consumable material,” internal fund code (_C)
the activity to which the individual is attached
OPTAR funds will not be used to procure individual warfare qualification devices such as Surface Warfare or Air Warfare.
Costs incident to change
of command or other ceremonies (excluding commissioning and
de-commissioning) are properly chargeable to?
the ship’s OPTAR
The procurement of general use
decorative material for external or internal shipboard use on
national holidays or other patriotic occasions may be charged to
the ship’s OPTAR
Decorative materials procured for use only on
seasonal holidays (e.g., Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New
Year) or for entertainment events are not valid OPTAR charges,but may be procured using welfare and recreation funds
Commanding Officers of aircraft carriers are authorized to make cash awards, not to exceed
What is the name of the Program resulting from
beneficial suggestions adopted by the ship
TYCOM Military Cash Awards
Ombudsmen volunteers may be reimbursed
with appropriated funds
Claims for Ombudsmen Volunteers shall be presented using what form?
Standard Form 1164 (claim for reimbursement
What Ombudsmen expenses may be reimbursed?
child care
parking and tolls
telephone tools charges
incidental expenses
Training Expense
the procurement of recreation equipment, supplies,
and services will normally be
charged to
the ship’s OPTAR
What fund code is use for Audiovisual including
nearly all aspects and applications of photography, motion pictures, graphic arts, television, video and audio recording, production and presentation
Funding for oil spill clean-up is
the responsibility of the ship , unit, or activity responsible for
the spill. Operating forces will charge assigned OPTARs sing
Fund Code
Battle Force Intermediate Maintenance Availability
(BFIMA) is a special funding granted to the ship to cover
cost of repair- rlated /consumable to other vessel(s) within the battle force, specially during deployment. What two fund codes will be use.
_G (for consumable),
_H (for repair parts)
The use
of commercially sourced vehicles in non-navy ports is authorized
and shall be funded using
S&E funds
excess hazardous material shall be disposed of via who?
the local PWC
If PWC is not available for the disposition of hazardous material what fund code will be used by the ship?
flight boots and flight jackets are authorized for aircrew personnel only and are properly chargeable to
Flight Operations OPTAR when authorized
Vehicles for
liberty purpose (including buses, taxis, rental cars/vans, etc.,)
for ship’s crew/Airwing/Squadron, are not an appropriate S&E
OPTAR charges and should be funded using
the MWR funding
CONUS Utilities
will not be charged to the ships S&E funds. These costs include: fresh water, compressed or high pressure air, electricity, and steam
CHT Costs
utility costs incurred in non-CLF ports are properly chargeable to
S&E Utility Funds
can funds be used to fund any costs related to receptions
associated with these ceremonies?
Since the TYCOM submits budget input to the
Fleet Commander in the April-May time frame for the following
year, ships are no longer required to submit input in what timeframe?
OPTAR grants are broken into two separate and “fenced” categories what are they?
-Equipment Maintenance Related Material (EMRM) for repairables and repair parts

-“Other” for all other categories
submit a prioritized listing of known or anticipated unfunded
requirements to CNAF Code N412 normally by?
January of each year
What funding categories include the ships engineering, damage control, safety material, launch and recovery
equipment, automated data processing (ADP) operations, flight deck equipment, communications and radar equipment, as well as
close-in weapons systems?
“Repair part”
The repair part categories can also be identified by fund codes of
LR, LB, or L3
What Funding categories include equipage, medical and dental, port costs, special clothing, habitability, professional and management services, equipment rental, and equipment replacement up to $100K.
The TYCOM S&E Budget as a whole has historically been broken down into what percentage?
55% “EMRM” and 45%
What is defined as an increase to the funds authorized to a ship
An augmentation
What is defined as the authorization to obligate
future funds and will consequently result in reduced funding at
some future date.
An advance
what is the BCN(bureau Control Number)
AAA(Authorized Activity
Fund Code.
BCN- 00060
what is the BCN, AAA, and Fundcode for this Appropriation and Subhead
BCN- 57025
MFCS-Retail Afloat activities will obligate services
into RSUPPLY using what cog?
The Defense Finance and
Accounting Service (DFAS) is no longer assigned the
responsibility of maintaining the official accounting records of
the fund limitation from which the TYCOM issues OPTARs to ships.
The responsibility has been shifted to
to the TYCOM Comptroller.
When an estimated BOR report is submitted, what words, will be added to the subject line.
on the estimated BOR report what Block will include remarks explaining the reason for submitting the estimated report and a projected date the actual report will be submitted
After completion of a port of call,ships will submit what report..
"Summary of port costs incurred"

-This reportwill be submitted by routine message.
-Its purpose is to build a database of information to support requests for ports of call
It is the ship’s responsibility to
obligate at least what % of quarterly allocated funds by the end of
December, March, and June; and at least what % of the annual
allocated funds prior to the close of the fiscal year
What % EMRM obligation rate
must be achieved.?
Repair parts
requirements are identified by obligations and expenditures
against Fund Codes
LR, LB and L3.
The term “repair part”
includes what cog?
7 cog material
Material and
services properly chargeable to the S&E OPTAR (second position Fund Code 7) are what type of material.
technical medical and dental items
Ships submit prioritized listing of unfunded
items to TYCOM (CNAF N412). in what month?
BOR Submission.
Ships submit BORs to TYCOM Comptrollers,
N41, 412, and N413 how many times.
Annual Planning Figure, TYCOM provides APF and first quarter allocation to ships on what date?
5 October
Continuing Services Obligations. Ships ensure all continuing service contracts are obligated in the first quarter (QTY C9999). Ships must requirement and ensure fund is adequate for the whole quarter/ fiscal year is required by?
Prior to December Financial closeout
Items with a national
stock number (NSN) are always considered what type of items.
what is an agreement which
conveys the right to the use of real or personal property for 12
months or less. Lease payments are operating costs (O&M,N
In what chapter of the 4440.2 will you find information about Financial Management.