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What are the verbal and nonverbal routines that normally take into consideration the interactions with others?
Social Rituals.
What do you use to record your feelings and ideas about your interactions with members of a specific culture?
Field Journal.
What are the organizational stories that member enthusiastically relate to others?
Passion Performances.
What indicates what constitutes the legitimate realm of inquiry?
Organizational Culture.
What are the common extensions of civility, politeness, and courtesy in order to encourage cooperation among organizational members?
Socialty Performances.
What is an explanation of the intricate layers of meaning underlying a culture?
Thick Description.
What refer to how members obtain the requisite knowledge and skills to be contributing members of the organization?
Enculturation Performance.
What is the term that is used to observe, record, and make sense of the communicative behavior of organizational members.
Cultural Approach to Organizations.
What include frequently occurring company events such as division meetings, faculty meetings, and even company picnics?
Organizational Rituals.
What are those routinized behaviors associated with a person's job?
Task Rituals.
When organizational cultures exercise power or control they are using this.
Politics Performance.
What uncovers meaning of a culture?
What are communication performances that occur on a regular and recurring basis?
Ritual Performances.
What are the standards and principles within a culture that have intrinsic worth to a culture?
What include those things that you routinely do each day at the workplace?
Personal Rituals.
What is a metaphor that suggests a symbolic process of understanding human behavior in an organization?