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What is a decision to remain with a relationship?
What is the defensive climate where a person insists that her or his solution should prevail?
What supportive climate confirms the worth of others and our concerns for their thoughts and feelings?
what is the overall feeling or emotional mood between people?
Interpersonal climate.
"Remember when I helped you with your math last term," before asking someone for a favor is an example of?
What is the disconfirming at the fundamental level?
Not acknowledging a person's existence.
What is the defensive climate when one is dealing with another who feels there is one and only one answer?
What supportive climate focuses on finding answers that satisfy everyone?
Problem Orientation.
What is the supportive climate where judgment is not passed?
What involves believing in another's reliability (he or she will do what is promised) and emotionally relying on another to care about and protect our welfare and our relationship?
Saying "I'm better" or "You are inadequate" is an example of what defensive climate?
What is the final level of confirmation where you accept another's feelings or thoughts as valid?
What is revealing personal information about ourselves that others are unlikely to discover in other ways?
What is the most basic form of confirmation?
Recognizing that the other person exists.
What are opposing forces, or tensions, that are normal parts of all relationships?
Relational Dialectics.
What are the elements of Satisfying Personal Relationships?
Investment, Commitment, Trust, and Comfort with Relational Dialectics.
What is the second level of disconfirming someone?
When we don't acknowledge their feelings or thoughts.
What is the defensive climate when one feels he or she is the target of judgment?
Asking for a favor by saying, "Dad, can you help me with my Social Studies midterm," is an example of what supportive climate?
What is the defensive climate where one implies a lack of regard or care for others?
What is the second level of confirmation?
Acknowledgment of what another feels, thinks, or says.
What are the three dialectics of relationships?
Autonomy/Connection, Novelty/Predictability, Openness/Closedness.
What is the final level of disconfirmation?
Rejecting the validity of the expressed feelings by saying something like "That's crazy."
Saying something, "No matter what job we are assigned, we should both do what we are assigned well because we are both good workers," is an example of what supportive climate?
What is the supportive climate which communicates openness or other points of view?
What is a matter of clearly and nonjudgementally stating what you feel, need, or want?
What is the assumption that our culture and its norms are the only right ones?
What is what we put into relationships that we could not retrieve if the relationship were to end?