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What is Interpersonal Communication?
Communication between two persons or among a small group of persons amd distinguished from a public or mass communication. Personal nature, relationships.
What is self-concept?
How you view who you are, you're self image.
What is self-awareness?
The degree to which you know yourself.
What is the Johari Window?
A diagram of the 4 selves (open, blind hidden, and unknown)
What is self-disclosure?
Talking about yourelf. Communicating informatin about yourself to another person.
How do you increase self-awarness?
Ask about yourself, listen to others, actively seek information about yourself, and see your different selves.
Gender and self disclosure?
Women disclose more than men. Prevvious romatic relationships etc...
Communication Apprehension
Fear or anxiety of communicating and usually identified as either trait apprehension or state apprehension.
Social Penetration Theory.
A thery concerened with relationship development from the superficial to the intimate levels and from few to many areas of interpersonal interaction.