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Who is responsible for initiating military action in support of our national interest and is the head of the Armed Forces?
Commander in Chief (President)
Who is the principle defense advisor to President and formulates a general defense policy and policy related to DoD?
Secretary of Defense
Who is the overall commander of a fleet & is in command of all operating forces - ships, crafts, classified & organized into command by type?
Fleet Commander in Charge (CINC)
Who is responsible for the ships or squadrons that makes up the operational forces, (i.e. CCGS, DESRON 15)?
Type Commander (TYCOM)
Who is the Navy's senior enlisted member & serves as an advisor to the CNO, as well as many boards tha deal with enlisted members or issues?
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)
Assigned as the principal enlisted advisor to Fleet Commanders & responsible for keeping their CO's up-to-date on procedures, situations, & practices that affect the morale, welfare & well being of the entire fleet.
Fleet Master Chief
Assigned as the principal enlisted advisor to TYCOM officers & keeps their CO up-to-date on situations, procedures, & practices that affect the welfare, morale, & well being of the squadrion or group.
Force Master Chief
Assigned as the senior enlisted advisor to the CO of an individual command, keeps CO up-to-date on issues that affect the enlisted crew & their families.
Command Mater Chief (CMC)
____________ is in overall command of all US Navy forces assigned tot he Atlantic operation area.
Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANT)
____________ is in overall command of all US Navy forces assigned to the Pacific operation area.
Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC)
___________ is in overall command of all US Naval forces assigned to European operation area.
Naval Forces, Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR)
Its primary mission is to provide immediate sealift capabilities in emergencies, support scientific projects & other programs, & consists of ships manned by civilian gov employees & commercial ships.
Military Sealift Command (MSC)
Which Area of Operation (AOR) is the Atlantic Ocean & its HQ's is in Norfolk, VA?
2nd Fleet
Which Areas of Operation (AOR's) is the Pacific & Indian Oceans & its HQ's is in San Diego, CA & the other in Yokosuka, JA?
3rd Fleet (San Diego, CA) & 7th Fleet (Yokosuka, JA)
Which Area of Operation (AOR) is the Persian Gulf/Middle East & its HQ's is in Manama, Bahrain?
5th Fleet
Which Area of Operation (AOR) is the Mediterranean Sea & its HQ's is in Gaeta, Italy?
6th Fleet
Which Area of Operation (AOR) is Worldwide & its HQ's is in Washington DC?
Military Sealift Command (MSC)
To ensure that each unit maintains the same basic organizational structure in support of the overall naval mission, the Navy developed the _________________ as a guide.
Standard Organizational & Regulations of the U.S. Navy (SORN), OPNAVINST 3120.32B
What guide provides a ready source of information concerning the duties, responsibilities, emergency procedures, authority, & the conduct of personnel within a command?
Ship's/Command's Organization & Regulation Manual (SORM)
Discuss the inter-relationship between the following: Naval Air Squadrons; Naval Surface Forces; Naval Sub-Surface Forces; Naval Amphibious Forces.
Each is responsible for waging war via air, sea, under sea, & land from sea & interface & coordinate with one another to conduct total war.
Its mission is to provide units & qualified individuals for active duty in time of war, national security, or other times required by national security.
Naval Reserve (consists of 55 commissioned ships & 233,000 members).
Consists of the combined total of the SELRES, TAR, & IRR program.
Ready Reserve
May be subject to involuntary recall for war, national emergency, or by the president for up to 90 days in support of operational requirements.
Selected Reserve (SELRES)
Serve on full-time active duty in support of the Naval Reserve.
May be subject to involuntary recall for war or national emergency & members are NOT required to train.
Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)