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Coverage A

Pay what they are legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage.

Coverage B

Pay what they are legally obligated to pay as damages because of personal and advertising injury.

Exclusions to Coverage A

Any expected or intentional injury, contractual liability and liquor liability

Exclusions to Coverage B

They are criminal acts, contractual liability, breach of contract, failure of quality or performance of goods, wrong description of prices, and copywright infringement.

Coverage C

Insurer will pay medical expenses as described below for bodily injury caused by an accident on the premises the insured owns or rents, or on ways next to premises the insured owns or rents because of the insured operations.

Exclusions to Coverage C

Does not apply to a person injured on that part of the premise the insured owns or rents that the person normally occupies.


An accident including continuous or related exposure to substantially the same general harmful conditions.

CG 00 09 Owners and Contractors Protective Liability

Form used to provide separate liability coverage for a project owner or general contractor hiring subcontractors

G 0033 Liquor Liability

Form affords occurrence liability protection for the liquor legal liability of a risk engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages.

CG 00 35 Railroad Protective Liability

Form protects a railroad company from liability arising our of operations performed on or near railway property.

CG 00 40 Pollution Liability

Forms can be used to provide separate pollution liability coverage for the insured. Limited does to cover the cost of site clean up.