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A comma sets off a paranthetical expression.
Her attitude, then, is what got her in trouble.
Commas set off appositives.
Billy, my friend, brought me my homework assignments while I was in the hospital.
A comma sets off a mild interjection.
Oh, I wish I had made an "A" on the test.
A comma usually follows an introductory phrase.
Having gone over the test with the students, she collected the papers.
A comma sets off a word of direct address.
Anthony, where were you when I needed you?
A comma separates two coordinating adjectives that modify the same noun.
The juicy, tender steak made my mouth water.
A comma sets off geographical locations.
I live in Huntsville, Alabama.
A comma usually follows an introductory adverb clause.
When you get there, start packing for the trip.
Commas separate words in a series.
I brought hotdogs, buns, and ketchup to the picnic.
A comma usually follows introductory words.
Yes, I know that is true.
Commas separate clauses in a series.
My idea of a great vacation is eating out every day, sleeping late, and watching television.
Commas separate two independent clauses that are joined with a coordinating conjunction.
I like to play sports, but I hate to study.
Commas separate three or more parallel elements.
The apple was green, tart, and tasty.
Commas set off nonrestrictive elements.
The new Saturn, covered in mud, looks worn out.
A comma sets off contrasted elements.
Human beings, unlike animals, have the ability to reason.
A comma sets off the parts of a date.
September 25, 2002
A comma sets off transitional expressions.
I know, however, that he was telling a lie.