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Speech arrangements (5)
-cause & effect
-problem / solution
Types of connectives (4)
-internal preview
-internal summaries
Attention getter in intro (8)
-startling fact / action
-personal experience
-reference to recent / historical event
-do activity
Purpose of conclusion (4)
-signal end of speech
-reinforce central idea
-motivate audience to respond
Devices of conclusion (6)
-reference to intro
-appeal to action
Purpose of supporting material (3)
-engage minds eye
-connect to audience
Forms of support (3)
Tips for statistics (4)
-reliable source
-quantify ideas
-use sparingly
-identify sources
Testimony: Expert vs Peer
Expert: from recognized experts
Peer: from someone with firsthand experience
Analogies (3)
-known to unknown
-help listeners understand
Types of supporting material (4)
Advantages of visual aids (5)
Kinds of visual aids (10)
-multimedia presentation
Power of delivery (nonverbal expectancy theory) (4)
-lose interest
-lose credibility
-emotional connections broken
-audiences believe what they "see"
Methods of delivery (4)
Characteristics of effective delivery (7)
-eye contact
-facial expression
-personal appearance
Functions of gestures (6)