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What was the relationship like between the first settlers and the Indians of Maryland?
The colonists and Indians taught each other many things. They got along well because they needed each other.
Name the woman who was an important land holder in early Maryland.
Margaret Brent was an important land holder in early Maryland.
Name the four classes of people who arrived in Maryland from England. How were they different from each other?
Highest class: gentlemen investors
2nd class: freeholders; freemen who owned land, set up homes, and culd vote in the Assembly
3rd class: not indentured, but didn't have a household yet
lowest class: indentured servants: were under contract to their masters
Which idea for government began in Maryland that we follow today?
The idea was to give someone else a proxy or the right to vote in your place.
What settlement was started by Leonard Calvert's group where Captain Fleet gave up his trading post?
St. Mary's settlement was started by Leonard Calvert.
Which group of people took control of Maryland between 1645 and 1700?
William Claiborne and the Virginia Puritans took control.
Why didn't the population of Maryland grow very fast until the 1700's?
Many people fell ill from malaria (frm mosquitoes). They were weak from a poor diet and drinking brackish water. So they could not fight off other illnesses.
What became the chief money crop of Maryland?
Tobacco was the chief money crop of Maryland.
About what fraction of the early settlers were women?
About one fourth of the early settlers were women.