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What was the Cold War?
period of tension between Super Powers (USSR & US)
Why was the Soviet Union able to dominate Eastern Europe after WWII?
They had military forces in Eastern Europe as a result of WWII.
Name 3 things that were the result of the Cold War?
Berlin Blockade
Marshall Plan
Vietnam War
One result of the collapse of the Soviet union has been...
ethnic violence
Nato, Cuban missile crisis and Korean War were examples of...
attempts to stop the spread of Communism (containment)
Major cause of continuing conflicts in Northern Ireland, the former Yugoslavia and Lebanon is...
religious differences
What happened to most Eastern European countries immediately after WWII?
they became satellites of the Soviet Union
During the Cold War, the purpose of American foreign policy was...
to stop the spread of Communism
After WWII, which country had the strongest military?
United States
NATO included...
US, Canada and Western Europe
What was the Soviet Union's main goal after WWII?
protecting themselves against future war
Iron curtain refers to...
the fortified border dividing Europe into Communist and democratic regions