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Continuity Theory
theory that language came about from intentional cries of animals
Hockett's Design Features
attempts to define language in terms of assumed defined characteristics
Vocal-auditory channel
not essential characteristic of language; speaking and hearing are non-directinal (eyes and limbs can be trained on other stimuli while we converse)
rapid firing
communication fades rapidly so privacy is enhanced; tell a story many times but good because yu can edit it; social function, you have to get close
move closer to essential; speakers ability to reproduce any message that she can understand and content is left undisturbed by reproduction (sometimes limited to one sex)
total feedback
hearing everything we produce
usual purpose of human speech is to communicate
small, separable units of sound; no meaning by itself but can be combined in many ways
combo of phonemes according to language rules; basic unit of meaning
duality of patterning
an infinite number of meaningful words are created from a few phonemic building blocks; not unique to humanity