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The Keyhaven Marshes are...


Hurst Castle Spit is being eroded because...


-birds like Dartford warblers & grebes
-fish like seahorses
-plants like marram grass &lyme grass, on sand dunes, and heather on the heathland

adaptions of wildlife? (4)

-marram grass: folded leaves to reduce water loss + long roots to take up water, as sand dunes are windy & dry
-lyme grass: waxy cuticles to reduce water loss by transpiration
-grebes: feet are far back on their bodies to make them streamlined = better divers = easier to dive & find food in the sea

problems with using land: (3)

-lots of people walk across the sand dunes = erosion

Conservation techniques: (3)

-for people walking on sand dunes:
•board walks are provided for people to walk on
•some dunes are fenced off to get a chance to recover
•information signs have been put up to tell visitors how to enjoy the land without damaging it
-boat owners are told not to damage the seagrass, as the seahorses are protected by law
-visitors are educated on the dangers of fires, and fire beaters are provided to extinguish flames