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What disease is a chronic autoimmune condition that interferes with proper nerve transmission in the skeletal muscles?
myasthenia gravis (causes ptosis and diplopia)
Dry eyes are common in which of the following diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis
The occurrence of blindness among people with diabetes is how many times greater than the general population?
AIDS can cause? list 3:
Cytomegalovirus retinitis
Kaposi's sarcoma
Herpes zoster
The form of herpes simplex virus that usually produces genital infections is
Type 2
Multiple sclerosis frequently presents with
optic neuritis
Cancers that produce tumors in more than one part of the body are said to be
The first step in performing manual lensometry or keratometry is to
focus the eyepiece
If the lensmeter mires cannot be centered in the central portion of the lensmeter target, the lens probably contains a
What type of injection classified as a form of systemic drug delivery?
When instilling eyedrops, the ophthalmic medical assistant should
Administer the medication directly into the conjunctival sac
The drug most helpful when performing both a fundus exam and objective refraction on a pediatric patient is
The two types of drugs that could stimulate an attack of angle-closure glaucoma in patients with narrow angles are
Mydriatics and cycloplegics
Miotics function to reduce intraocular pressure by
contracting the ciliary body muscle and opening the outflow channels for aqueous humor
The microbe most likely to cause recurrent fever blisters is
The cornea abrasion caused by tree twig is most likely to cause a
fungal infection
people most at risk for developing an ocular infection by the protozoan "Acanthamoeba are those who
use homemade salt solutions to clean their contact lenses
sterilization is best defined as
the destruction of all microorganisms
An infection caused when the eye has been penetrated by a contaminated metal fragment is an example of
indirect-contact transmission
Close examination of lids, lashes, cornea and lens can be accomplished with the
The prism and alternate cover test is used to
measure deviation in a misaligned eye
What procedure must be performed before the pupillary dilation
The swinging-light test
Ina normal consensual reaction, when a light is directed into the pupil of one eye, the pupil of the other eye
The 3 transparent structures that compose what is termed the ocular media are the
The interferometer measures visual acuity potential by using laser or special light beams to
project parallel lines onto the macula
Specular microscopy/photography is used
to count endothelial cells of the cornea
Fluorescein angiography is a valuable method of detecting and documenting
abnormalities in ocular blood vessels
a contact lens that allows oxygen to reach the cornea only through the tear pump. Polymethylmethacrylate.
is not broken down by the body and must be removed from the suture site.
Collagen, gut and polyglactine 910
are all broken down by the body and do not need to be removed from suture site.
Masks are not
within the sterile operating field.
Intracorneal ring segment refractive technique is
Progressive myopia
is a contraindication to refractive surgery
in absence of accommodation, the myopic eye focuses images
in front of the retina
Hyperopic eyes are benefited by refractive procedures that
steepen the cornea
PRK laser is applied to
Bowman's layer
Wavefront error measurement is called
Ecodes are
external causes of injury and poisoning