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Temp normal and how it's recorded

98.6 and it's recorded as 98.6R, 98.6A, 98.6O

Oral temp

Place under tounge for 2-3 minutes

Axillary temp

Place under arm and leave for 5 minutes, add a degree.

Rectal temp

Place in some position and lubricate. Subtract a degree

Tympanic temp

Place in ear canal and leave until beep.


Client must be at rest and 60-100 is normal

How to determine temp

30 seconds if regular and X2

60 seconds if irregular


Client must be at rest, never tell you are taking. 12-20

Blood pressure cuff

Bladder must be 80% the length of the circumference of the arm

Also the width of the bladder must be 40% the circumference of the arm

Do not take bp in that arm if

Patient had a mastectomy or shunt for dialysis

Normal bp