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What is not typically part of the PR function?
C. product/design and packaging
Which one of the following, identifies, etc. beneficial relationships with publics?
Public Relations
The mgmt function that is often confused with PR is
What identifies needs and wants, deals with consumers...?
When a practitioner tries to get a product newsworthy?
Product publicity
Which kind of communication that provides the prac. with the greatest control, content and placement?
What is the specialized effort to maintain gov't and community relations?
Public Affairs
Which one is directly influencing gov't legislation and regulation?
Specialized part of corporate relations between shareholders and financial community?
Investor Relations
Non-profit organizations to increase involvement, what kind of relations is it?
Development/External Relations
Most popular degree?
Bachelors degree
Which area or sector employs the most PR?
Federal gov't
Highest/Lowest salary in country?
Northeast and South
What skill is the most important for Public Relations?
Most females assume this role in PR?
Technician--least one
Which dept conflicts with PR with employee communication (most likely)?
Human Resources
Which one is not commonly used by PR firms to charge clients?
Percentage of sales
What is the first and continuing task that top management should provide PR for success?
Commitment to PR
Freedom of expression is protected from government control from?
1st amendment
Which isn't an ethical concern for PR?
Right to Privacy
Which is not an example of culturalism?
Literacy rates in Louisiana.
When people are in front of the camera, then PR needs to be concern?
Right to privacy against cameras
Occurs in groups of cmcn people, who together determine the issue and what can be done?
Public Opinion
Which medium remains the workhorse in the PR system/media?
Which is not a basic trend that is not important for PR to track?
Powerful politician
Who said the medium is the message?
Marshall McHuen
Is there any such thing as the general public?
Who are the most impt publics to any organization?
Which kind of 2 way cmcn which is best for an organization to have with internal publics?
What is the workhorse of internal publications?
What fills the information gap by inadequate internal cmcn?
The grapevine
Mobile medium that is suited to a mobile audience?
What era in modern PR you would most likely be in?
Modern technology
Which ecological approach to theory in PR?
PR help adjust to their environments, etc...theory
To become a PR practicioner?
None of the above
Parts of the PR function?
All of the above
Most popular jobs in PR are in?
Strategies women need to succeed in PR?
All of the above
Which applies to minorities in PR?
Both of the above
Trades needed to skill in PR?
All of the above.
The highest pay work for?
Professional values in code and ethics?
All of the above
Words/names/symbols used by companies to identify goods or services?
Elements included in the communication model?
All of the above
Which helps define targeted publics?
All of the above
What helps employees set goals, etc?
Mission statements
Libel and privacy is impt to legal consideration in PR?
All of the above