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What is the function of neutrophils?

To phagocytize small molecules like bacteria and they are inflammatory mediators

What is the function of eosinophils?

To deactivate histamine and to aid in parasitic infection and allergic reactions

What are the functions of basophils?

Initiate inflammation, cause vascular permeability, cause the presence of eosinophils, and seen in hypersensitivity and parasitic infections

What is the function of lymphocytes?

T-cells create cell mediated immunity and B-cells create humoral immunity as well as antibodies

What is the function of monocytes?

To phagocytize large molecules like cells and debris, turn into phagocytes, and seen in chronic inflammation

Purpose of a differential cell count

Determines the percentage of a certain leukocyte type in circulating blood

Normal canine PCV values


Normal feline PCV values


What is plasma

The liquid part of blood containing clotting factors and proteins

What is serum?

The liquid part of blood not containing platelets and proteins

Units for serum and plasma protein

Traditional units=g/dL

SI units=g/L

Lavendar top blood collection tubes

Contains EDTA (an anticoagulant), used for routine hematology and plasma production

Red/peach top blood collection tubes

Sterile with no additives, used to produce serum

Gold top blood collection tube

Contains a silicone plug, used to produce serum

Grey top blood collection tube

Contains sodium fluoride +/- potassium oxalate, used for glucose testing

Green top blood collection tube

Contains heparin, used in exotics and for blood gases

Light blue top blood collection tube

Contains sodium citrate, used for coagulation and platelet tests

What is the difference between platelets and thrombocytes?

Platelets are non-nucleated and in mammals, thrombocytes can be nucleated or non-nucleated (any species)