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Figurative Language
How does it get worse?
food chokes town
(The food clogs the streets. Terrible food storms occur. A huge pancake covers the school. Maple syrup floods the town. Everyone get stomachaches. The town is a mess.)
What is Chewandswallow's problem?
bad food
(They cannot control what food falls.)
What is the turning point?
people decide to leave
(People can't go outside. The school closes. Houses are damaged. People fear for their lives.)
Is the problem solved?
(The new town welcomes them. The people use the bread to build houses. They buy their food at the supermarket.)
What action do people take to solve the problem?
build boats
(They sail to a new land on rafts made from stale bread.)
Main Story
Story Within a Story
Why was the school closed?
It was covered by a pancake.
The children go sledding and think the hill looks like mashed potatoes with butter on top.
The townspeople leave their town for another town where they shop for food like everyone else.
How could people find out what they would be eating every day?
the weather report
What did people take outside?
utensils, plates, cups
Who is telling the story?
Why did the people make boats?
to leave town
What is a synonym for "dared"?
What is a synonym for "prediction"?
What is a synonym for "supplied"?
What is a synonym for "gradual"?
Grandpa tells a bedtime story.
The food weather turns extreme.
What is a synonym for "prepared"?
What is a synonym for "frequently"?
A pancake lands on Henry.
People eat food that comes from the sky.
kitchen of an ordinary house
the town of Chewandswallow
Grandpa, Mom, Henry, sister
people in the town