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The routing of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet or through any other IP-based network, instead of the Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

Video over IP Architecture

A combination of full duplex audio and video transmissions which allows people in two different locations to see and hear each other as if participating in a face-to-face conversation.

Videoconferencing (VTC)


The first video conferencing technology was introduced to the market by Sprint


The first video conferencing technology was introduced to the market by AT&T

The original videoconferencing standard introduced in 1964.

ITU H.320

This new VTC standard was released in 1996; allows for IP-based VTC.

IP-based services are far better - the conference can be initiated from any PC on the network equipped with the proper equipment


Simultaneous videoconferencing among three or more remote points is possible by means of a ____________.

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

Generally maintained at a central location. It is a bridge that interconnects VTC calls from several sources.

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

Three types of Video over IP systems

Deployable, Desktop, and Portable

This type of Video over IP system can be an add-on (hardware boards, usually) to normal PCs, transforming them into VTC devices.

Desktop VTC system

This type of Video over IP system is mobile and transportable; all that is needed is an active network connection.

Portable VTC system

This type of Video over IP dedicated system has all required components packaged into a single piece of equipment,usually a console with a high quality remote-controlled video camera.

Usually built into a rugged case.

Deployable VTC system

The core technology used in a videoteleconference (VTC) system is ____________ of audio and video streams in realtime.

digital compression

A device which takes the moving visual images presented by the camera and encodes these images, which are in analog, into digital format, and then compresses them so they can be sent over the digital circuit-switched connection.


Video presentations can be grouped into three categories:___________, _____________, and _____________.

Video Broadcasting, Video on Demand, and Video Conferencing

A device that records images, either as a still photograph or as moving images known as videos or movies.
digital camera (digicam for short)