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who is describing these events

the mesenger

where did these events take place?

the palace of creon

what are these gifts?



"Ask your father to revoke their exile for my sake"

explain why Creon had exiled Medea and her children?

Jason had abandoned Medea and their children – so that he could marry Glauce, Creon’s daughter – Medea had reacted very badly because of this – she became both angry and depressed at the same time – in her rage she had threatened Glauce, Creon and Jason – Creon was frightened of what she might do – he knew she was a clever and dangerous woman – he wanted to protect his family, in particular Glauce.

who do you feel more sorry for; Glauce or Creon? you should refer to the whole play

Glauce Horrific death – frothing mouth – burning skin – after death her body was a gross disfigurement – innocent girl – married off to older man – obedient to Jason – but petulant towards children – parades in the gifts she has been given.

what would a chorus in a Greek tragedy have looked like?

Same costumes – 15 in number (accept 12) – synchronized movement / singing and dancing as a group – same masks

Name the circular area in the Greek theatre where the Chorus performed


Name one musical instrument that accompanied the Chorus when they sang

Flute / lyre / timpani / drums / aulos / kithara / diaulos

Why did an actor in a Greek tragedy need to have a strong and adaptable voice?

Large theatre (sat 1700 people, about) – open-air performance – large audience – effect of the mask – range of characters – male and female roles – expression of different emotions – variation of tone – number of plays in a day – occasional need for actors to sing

Would you have enjoyed being an actor in a Greek tragedy? Give your reasons.

Representing the city – possibility of winning the best actor prize – displaying singing ability – performing in front of large crowd – performing in plays written by great playwrights – after show party – performing in large theatre – responsibility of performing at festival of Dionysia – number of lines to remember – ability to sing and dance – need for stamina – length of plays – speed in changing costume – wearing mask over face – length of time for rehearsal – need to play range of roles – need to use gesture and body language

To which groups of people did the Athenians give special seats in the theater and why?

the special seats were called the prohedria

the front two reserved for priests of Dionysus as it was a way of honouring him.

The magistrates to show there importance

visiting ambassadors would be given a seat to show respect

sons of people who died in battle- show respect to fathers

new trained soldiers- reward

judges- they were closer to the action so could judge better

Explain how the Athenians made sure that plays were judged fairly

Before the festival a council drew up list of names from each 10 tribes, names from each tribe were sealed in urn and ten urns stored, first morning of plays a name would be drawn from each of the urns. Each judge wrote an order of merit on a tablet, tablets were placed in an urn, five of the tablets were then drawn and the playwright with the most votes won

Would you have enjoyed being a member of the audience at the Great Dionysia

no, women probably didn't go anyway, don't do well in noisy crowds, been very uncomfortable on the wooden/stone seating (even with a cushion) probably get bored before finishing the 4 plays

might have liked the plays if they were more spread out, definitely comedy ones