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numina (s. numen)

Roman spirits that could inhabit anything and have almost any function. Janus is an example


Roman spirits that protect areas such as houses and fields


spirits that protected a household's small objects, especially food


a numen of the hearth, associated with Hestia, served by Vestal Virgins


highest virtue in Roman culture, devotion to the state and its gods


Foreign queen of Carthage that distracts Aeneas from getting to Rome,


Son of Aeneas, claimed ancestor of Julius Caesar


A king married to Lavinia, who was supposed to marry a foreigner, who fights with Aeneas when he reaches the sight of Rome

Rhea Silva

Mother of Romulus and Remus, was a Vestal virgin who claimed to be raped by Mars and was locked up for giving birth


Women from the neighboring village that Romans stole for wives


Betrayed Rome during the war with the Sabines, was killed by the Sabines for being a traitor

Horatii and the Curiatii

3 v. 3 fight where 2 Roman Horatii die right away but the third wins by running and spreading the Curiatii out

Tarquin the Proud

The last king of Rome, Became king by killing his brother and his wife


The only virtuous wife in Rome that was raped by Sextus Tarquin and killed herself, this action led people to drive out the Tarquins and develop the Republic


defended the only bridge over the Tiber against a large host, swam to safety as the bridge broke


Burned his own hand off in front of the invading Etruscan king to show the determination of Rome, his name means "Lefty"


Arrogant commander who was kicked out of Rome for his behavior, returned to attack and almost defeat Rome, he only stopped when begged by his wife and children


Simple farmer chosen to be dictator in order to protect Rome from an invading army, when finished he gave up absolute power and went back to farming


parade for great military victory awarded to outstanding comanders