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When was New School?

Started in the 1980's

What was important about the track Rapture "Blondie"?

- Reached different community

- Only rap song to reach #1 on billboards in 80's

- Glorify Fab 5 freddy & Grandmaster Flash

What was important about Afrika Bambata's track "Planet Rock"?

- Experimentation with new technology

- Roland TR-808 drum-machine programmable

- Introduction of electrofunk

What was important about Cold Crush Brothers track "Punk Rock Rap"?

- New Wave element (synthesizer, drum machine & pop vocals)

What was the characteristics of new school?


- Rhythym as driving force

- Sparse musical textures

- "Skeletal" eats

- Soul & Rock Samples

- "Toughness" Diss Tracks

- Commercial appeal/success

What is important about Def Jam Recordings?

- Run by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubia

- Rock-influenced raap songs

- First songs LL Cool J "I need A Beat" and Beastie Boys' "Rock Hard"

- First independent rap label

What was important about LL Cool J's "I Need a Beat"?

- New School Rap

- Sparse Texture (Looped ebat, scratching, few variations/accents)

- Competitive/aggressive

- He was 17 when recorded first album

What was important about Run-DMC's "Rock Box"?

- Rap-Rock Fusion

- Aggressive vocals

- Repeated electric guitar riff

- Drum Machine

- Synth sounds

What was important about Run-DMC's "Walk This Way"?

- First instance of rap group recording with live band instead of just sampling

What was important about The Beastie Boys "She's On It"?

- Rap-rock

- Def-jam Recordings

- Ft. in Krush Groove

What was important about LL Cool J's "I Need Love"?

- 1987

- Def Jam Recordings

- First successful crossover rap ballad

What were some of the rap genres/themes/issues/techniques in the 1980s mainstream?

- Beatboxing

- "Diss" Tracks

- Conscious Rap

- Hardcore Rap

- Gangsta Rap

- Party Rap - Freestyle Hip Hop

- Prescence of women in hip-hop

- Dirty Rap/Booty Rap