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What is Five Percenter Rap, who founded it, what themes revolve it and name some prominent artists

Rap music created/performed by the FPN

Nation of Islam student minister Clarene 13X

- Mathematics, science, being one with god, black nationalism, community uplift, islamic doctrine

Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Big Daddy kane

What's the Doctrine of the BPN, what do they believe, what do they rap about?

" The World is 85% uncivilized, 10% rich slave owners, 5% poor"

Black men are divine and are in a way gods, they are the original that walked the earth and are the fathers of civilization

- They rap through systems of numbers/letters that are key to understanding one's relationship to the universe and carrying spiritual guidance

What is christian rap? Give an example

Inspirationally themed music pulling from gangsta rap but with a perspective of connection with christ

- Kanye West, "Kanye West"

What's jewish rap? Give an example

What's the Rastafarian theme?

Using secular music to educate and celebrate judaism

- Remedy "Never Again"

A black god for the black man. Also god is located in Ethiopia, not Jerusalem

What's relevant about Jazz Rap?

Give song example

- Relied on musical elements of jazz forms

- More positive alternative to hard/gangsta rap

- Connected to Conscious/Message rap

A Tribe Called Quest, "Excursions"

What's Afrika Bambaataa's Native Tongues posse?

Most important force in jazz-rap

A collection of New York based afrocentric rap groups (Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers)

Give examples of female rappers and tracks that have "conflicted" representations

Lil Kim, "How Many Licks?"

Trina, "Killing You Hoes"

Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda"

Lupe Fiasco "Bitch bad"