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What is the Coast of Asia Minor called?
What sea were most of the major Greek cities in?
Aegean Sea
Which city had a huge temple to Artemis?
What is an important part of the Greek livelihood?
Where did Greek Civilization flourish early on?
On the southern peninsula, called the Peloponnesus
What connected the Peloponnese to the rest of Greece?
A narrow strip of land called the Isthmus or Corinth
What island did the Greeks incorporate from about 1500 B.C.?
Crete, where they incorporated the Minoan civilization
Does Greece have a lot of arable land?
No, the terrain is mostly mountainous which adds to the mystic
What natural resource is found in the mountains?
Why is Scyros famous?
The hero Theseus is said to have fallen from its rocky cliffs
Whose temple was located at Delphi?
Apollo's, where he spoke to his priestess, Sibyl
What temple was dedicated to Hephaestus, god of the forge and metalworking, at Athens
The Thesseion
What is Athens most important symbol.
Athens’ most important symbol, the Parthenon, served as a temple to Athena. It stood on Athens’ acropolis, that is, the highest hill in the city.
The above reconstruction of the Parthenon shows just how many buildings stood on top of the acropolis.
Whose temple was at Dodona?
Little remains at the ancient site of Dodona, where Zeus was said to speak oracles through his priests by means of a rustling oak tree. Here, Dr. Summers is sitting on the remains of a wall of the ancient temple. The present oak tree (behind) grows where the original stood.
Where were the ancient Olympic games held?
In ancient times the Olympic games were held in Olympia, on the west coast of the Peloponessus.
Who were the ancient games dedicated to?
Which myths were associated with Corinth?
The city of Corinth brings to mind the myths of Bellerophon, Pegasus, the Chimaera, as well as Jason and Medea.
Which temple was at Corinth?
Love was especially on the minds of the Corinthians, since a temple of Aphrodite stood on top of its acropolis. There hundreds of prositutes plied their trade in the name of religion.
What was the center of the Greek world?
Mycenae was once the center of the Greek world. Its enormous walls and gate capped by two lions was an imposing symbol of power. Here Agamemnon and his family ruled for many centuries.
What was home to the Greek gods?
Mt. Olympus was the home of the Olympian gods. The mountain itself is in north central
Greece, hundreds of miles from Olympia, the site of the Olympian games. The peak of
the mountain forms the shape of a throne, perhaps contributing to the myth
What is Epidauros most famous for?
The site of Epidauros in the Peloponessus is best known for its well preserved ancient theater
Epidauros was the center for what?
In antiquity, Epidauros was the center of medical activity. Here a clinic attended by the priests of Asclepius offered a haven for the sick.
What was involved in healing at Epidauros?
Healing involved dream interpretation and a holistic approach to medicine.
Who was Asclepius?
Asclepius was the son of Apollo,
and renowned for his ability to
Who was Xenophanes?
Xenophanes, Greek poet and thinker who flourished around 500 B.C., was skeptical about the traditional conception of divine beings. In the few fragments of his that survive, we find him ridiculing fellow Greeks for imagining that the gods look like human beings.
In Hesiod's Theogony, what could Tartarus represent?
Tartarus may represent a woman's reproductive organs.
Who were the Second Generation of god's King and Queen
Cronos and Rhea. Rhea presents to Cronos the rock in swaddling clothes. Cronos, of course, believes that this is the newborn Zeus, and plans to swallow him.
What people concealed Zeus by banging their shields?
The Curetes are trying to conceal Zeus' cries with the sound of their shields. The Nymph Amalthea is holding Zeus in her arms.
Which nymph cared for Zeus as a child?
Amalthea cared for Zeus on the island of Crete. A nymph (probably Amalthea) is giving Zeus a drink from the horn, which is the symbol of wealth and abundance of goods. The artist is esp. concerned with natural environment, according to the Alexandrian artistic models (lots of details of foliage, birds, animals). Eagle and Pan are there. Some scholars think that this is a picture of the rearing of baby Dionysus on Mt. Nysa.
Which nymph cared for Zeus as a child?
Amalthea cared for Zeus on the island of Crete. A nymph (probably Amalthea) is giving Zeus a drink from the horn, which is the symbol of wealth and abundance of goods. The artist is esp. concerned with natural environment, according to the Alexandrian artistic models (lots of details of foliage, birds, animals). Eagle and Pan are there. Some scholars think that this is a picture of the rearing of baby Dionysus on Mt. Nysa.
What was the war between the Titans and the Olympians called?
Titanomachy. Zeus fighting against a Titan; Zeus holds the thunder against, probably, Iapetus, who was older than Zeus.
Which Titians where punished by Zeus?
Atlas is punished by Zeus and forced to hold up the sky. Prometheus is chained to a rock and has his body constantly eaten by an eagle.
What did Eos care for?
The sun and Eos are pictured in the sky; to the left is Night, and to the right is Eos, traveling inside their chariots. The wavy lines under their horses (hardly distinguish-able) signify the river Oceanus from which the stars rise and set. Sun is depicted rising between night and dawn in his chariot.
How was Aphrodite born? Who observed the birth?
Aphrodite is born from a shell. The emerging of the goddess is observed by Hermes to the left, and Poseidon and Cupid to the right.
How was Aphrodite described?
Homer in the Iliad describes Aphrodite's lustful breasts, the gorgeous neck, and the shine of her eyes. These are the charms that give life to this statue of the goddess of beauty and love, with a divine head and voluptuous body
How were the Furies represented?
The Furies, represented with wings, and snakes in their hair, grave, dark, and evil. Here they are part of a larger composition with scenes taking place in the underworld.
How was Hephaestus brought back to Olympus?
Hephaestus returns to Olympus. He holds the tongs of a forge, and the hammer on his shoulder. He is accompanied by Dionysus, because in the story he is said to have returned to Olympus half drunk. He cannot walk on his own, so he staggers and leans on the shoulder of a Satyr.
Who has an affair with Ares?
Ares in his armor is sitting next to Aphrodite. A detail from a larger composition showing a gathering of the gods. Ares does not seem happy among the gods; the chattering of the gods does not appeal to him, while Aphrodite's beauty cannot distract his thoughts of battle on earth
Who was Hephaestus married to?
The love affair of Aphrodite and Ares. Wall painting copying an original painting from early Hellenistic era, when this theme was very popular. Helios intrudes on the affair, because he discovered them with his all-seeing eye. Their young guardian, Alektrion (rooster), who did not wake them up before the sun came up, has fallen asleep.
What was the war between the Giants and the Olympians called?
A scene from the Gigantomachy, which represents the upheaval of the Universe, or the victory of an ordered world over a disordered one. In the picture Earth springs out from a chasm to save her and Uranus' son, that is, the Giant Polybotos from Poseidon's wrath, who was son of Rhea and Cronos
What was the war between the Giants and the Olympians called?
A scene from the Gigantomachy, which represents the upheaval of the Universe, or the victory of an ordered world over a disordered one. In the picture Earth springs out from a chasm to save her and Uranus' son, that is, the Giant Polybotos from Poseidon's wrath, who was son of Rhea and Cronos
Who is Typhon?
After the Gigantomachy Zeus still had to fight with Typhon, who was begotten by Earth to take revenge for the death of her children. He is represented as winged, half man, half snake, with double body. He has a long beard, and his ears remind us of the ears of Silenus and the satyrs. Zeus hurls his thunderbolts against this monster.
Who was Ovid, and what was his goal?
Ovid, lived around the time of Augustus (Jesus) wrote an epic, but not an epic like Homer. Not a mythological anthology either. Ovid is a comedian too, who is quick to turn the world upside down, and look at it from all kinds of funny, even perverted points of view. That's what comedians do. Purpose: to expose philosophy and reason as inferior to the mythic imagination, that myth imagination is more faithful to reality than science and theoretical reasoning. It's not that Ovid believes these myths, but he believes that their imaginative, psychological way of working penetrates the complexities of the world of human experience better than philosophy.
Was Ovid's chaos similar to Hesiod's?
Ovid begins with Chaos, but not a calm, empty space, as in Hesiod, but a Chaos in the modern sense, a commotion. Chaos is a "lumpy matter, confusion, with atoms warring against each other." Atoms of air, water, and earth fight like cats in a cat fight; there's all kinds of clashes, penetrations, explosions, metamorphoses until "some God, or Kindlier Nature" some Divine Reason imposes peace, establishes order.
What is Metamorphosis to Ovid?
METAMORPHOSIS: But this is a poem about metamorphosis, changing shapes, changing forms, not about order. The most striking constant in the universe is metamorphosis. Change is the one thing you can count on.
Why does man look heavenward?
And in what way does Prometheus command mankind to be different from the animals? He bids him look heavenward. Why does man need to be told to look heavenward? The philosophers tell us that man has in him a divine spark that causes him to keep his eyes on heaven. But this is not that sanctius animal that the God of Divine Reason had hoped for.
What is Ovid's Golden Age?
GOLDEN AGE: looks good at first; no laws, men are voluntarily trustworthy and just; men don't violate the order of the elements by removing trees from the land and sailing them on the water. They keep to their own shores and boundaries, so there in no war.
What is Ovid's Silver Age?
SILVER AGE: Jupiter ushers out his father Saturn and institutes a new order, one that includes change. The cycles of seasons, whose extreme temperatures force man to build shelters, till the land, institute private property and draw more boundaries.
What is Ovid's Bronze Age?
BRONZE AGE: Once boundaries (surveyors do their work) are set up in an unnatural place, it's not long before someone transgresses them. The rise of belligerence and crime.
What is Ovid's Iron Age?
Until the IRON AGE, where everyone lives by stealing (i.e., violating boundaries).
What did Divine Reason do to create the universe?
Ovid’s Metamorphoses contains a Roman account of the creation story. Ovid
took the basic story of the Greeks but modified it in accordance with Roman
sensibilities and his own agenda. Here is an illustration of creation from a 1563
edition of his work, showing Divine Reason separating the warring elements.
Who were the first men and women after the flood?
Deucalion and Pyrrha after the deluge; they are standing next to the forger-Cyclopes, who are creating the new mankind. D. and P. resemble Adam and Eve in the way P. is standing under the tree, at which D. stares. It is the tree of knowledge.
How was Athena born?
The birth of Athena. Zeus was worried that Metis was going to bear a child who would be greater than him, so he ate her. But when time came, Athena sprang from his head, beautiful, wise, and brave. The gods around them are shocked as they watch.
Who was Themis?
A Titaness, daughter of Ouranos and Gaia (Gea), she was Zeus’ second wife. She functioned as a goddess of order and just behavior in the communal affairs of human beings.
What does Themis mean?
Her name means “steadfast,” and so by extension also, “firmly established custom or law.”
How is Themis depicted?
She is often depicted blindfolded (justice is blind) and holding the scales of justice.
What are the Hori?
Hori (Seasons) are the gatekeepers of Olympus. They were patrons of fruits and fertility of the land, and they were the ones who rewarded the labor of people on the earth with rich crops, and so they guaranteed well-being. They are represented here as protectors of fertility, holding branches laden with pomegranates, symbols of fertility.
Who were the fates?
The fates Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, inscribed, are watching the creation of man and woman by Prometheus to the right, and they set the length of his life.
Which god helped the dead into Hades?
What were the Graces goddesses of?
The three Graces, goddesses of fertility.
Who was given to Hera as a present?
Zeus has given Hera Io in the form of a cow; Hera gave Io to Argus to guard her. Z. sent Hermes to kill Argos, which scene the painting depicts, at the temple of Hera, which is indicated by an altar and one column. Hermes approaches Argus, unsheathing his sword, and Argus flees, full of fear; at the same time he stretches one hand toward the god to beg mercy. The other hand brandishes a club. Io the cow also tries to escape. The priestess of Hera holding a sceptre and the key of the temple as well as Io's parents are present.
Who had golden rain fall on her?
Danae and the golden rain. Danae sits on her bed, her feet are on an ottoman, and she ties a ribbon around her hair. She looks startled at the golden rain that falls from above.
Who protected the swan from the eagle?
Leda and the Swan. A statue made by Timotheus (?). Leda tries to protect the swan from the eagle that is coming from the sky, pretending as if he is about to attack the swan, but at the end he also sat on her lap
How was Zeus depicted?
Zeus with thunder and scepter. Almighty and imposing and grandiose
What was Zeus symbol of power?
The scepter with an Eagle on top
Who is the ancestor to Peleus, Achilles, Ajax, and Neoptolemus?
Zeus is chasing after a young girl, probably the nymph Aegina, who is fleeing fearfully to avoid his touching. From their mating Aeacus was born, who was the ancestor of Peleus, Achilles, Ajax, and Neoptolemus.
Who was Zeus' prized wine-bearer?
Zeus triumphantly kidnaps Ganymede, the son of Troy's King, to Olympus. The rooster that Ganymede holds is a symbol of the amorous feeling that he stirred in Zeus.
What is an erotic symbol in ancient times?
Zeus and Ganymede. Zeus is in love with Ganymede; he has left his scepter and thunder aside to embrace Ganymede, who resists, startled and full of fear. The rooster that G. holds is an erotic symbol.
How is Poseidon depicted?
Poseidon with his trident, with which he pacifies or disturbs the ocean, and could sink ships. The sculpture depicted in his face the greatness and grace of the immortal gods. [Bronze statue, "Poseidon of Artemision", 460 B.C., Athens National Arch. Museum]
Who did Poseidon fight during the Gigantomachy?
Gigantomachy. Poseidon attacks Ephialtes with his trident, and at the same time he prepares to hurl a large of land (an island?), on which there are already animals and sea creatures. [red figured krater, 480 B.C., Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museeum]
What is depicted in the picture?
A rare presentation of the agon between Athena and Poseidon for patronship of Athens. Here Athena moves toward the left with her spear raised, while Poseidon comes from the right, holding his horse from the reins, and brandishing his trident with his right hand. The olive tree is depicted. A winged Nike flies toward Athena, indicating that the Athenians preferred her gift. Two dolphins are between Poseidon's feet to indicate the sea. Dionysus watches the scene from the left, while one of the ancient kings of Athens stands to the right. [hydria, with raised figures, 350 B.C., Leningrad Ermitage]
Who is Amphytrite?
Amphytrite is one of the Nereids. She is married to Poseidon. Here A. is represented as a beautiful young girl holding a dolphin, looking at Poseidon, but not in the picture. To the left is Zeus holding thunder, and Dionysus holding a staff with ivy.
How did Hermes offend Apollo?
Hermes stealing the 50 bulls of Apollo. Here the bulls are hidden in a cave, in the forest that surrounds them a hare is running. To the left, in another cave, Hermes lies on a bed pretending that he knows nothing. Apollo complains to Hermes parents, Zeus and Maia.
Who is the psychopompos?
Hermes is the psychopompos, that is, the escort of the souls of the dead to the underworld. He leads a young woman called Myrinne to Acheron, where Charon will carry her to the land of the dead. The god holds the girl's hand with obvious sympathy, and she follows him with a calm expression and bowed head, as she is taken away from her relatives who bid her farewell.
Who is Potnia Theron?
Artemis is presented sometimes as wild, sometimes as tender. Here she is represented with a leafy crown in her hair, jewelry, with a fawn skin above her mantle, with her quiver on her back. She holds a phiale in her left hand, and with her right she reaches out to a swan. The Greeks fittingly called her “Potnia Theron,” that is, “The Mistress of Wild Animals.”
How is Artemis represented?
Artemis represents the nature in which she lives free and untamed, shining and wild, tender as a mother, and unyielding as a virgin. Again, here she is represented as a mistress of nature. She is winged, as often in early depictions, and holding in one hand a panther, in the other a deer.
Who was Actaeon?
Actaeon was the hung prince who saw Artemis naked, and consequently was turned into a deer and killed by his own dogs.
Who were Otos and Ephialtes?
The giants Otus and Ephialtes, the handsome sons of Aloeus (a son of Poseidon), who by age nine were fifty feet tall and very unruly. The two boys chased Artemis in order to rape her, but were punished by Apollo, who sent a deer between them; as they both shot at the deer, they killed each other. Artemis, to the left, stretches her bow in a symbolic gesture.
Who is Apollo's sister?
Artemis welcomes Apollo, her brother, who returns to Delos from the land of the Hyperboreans on his chariot. He brings two Hyperborean virgins, plays his guitar, guiding his horses with the power of his divine music. His reins are attached to his lyre. Artemis is to the right, with her bow and quiver on the back. She holds a deer by the horns, and an arrow in her other hand
What possession of Athena fell to earth and landed in Troy?
Athena's Palladia fell to earth and was taken in by the Trojans. Odysseus and Diomedes steal the two Palladia that were kept at Troy; according to this version they got both the original and the copy.
What does Athena Promachos mean?
Athena Promachos (“Athena who fights in front”). A statuette of Athena, in full armor, defending Athens. She is brandishing her spear and holding her shield
Who protected the crafts alongside Hephaestus?
Athena taught people how to weave, pottery, woodwork, making agricultural tools, and she protected their crafts along with Hephaestos. She is shaping a horse out of clay, and behind her the tools for woodworking are hanging on the wall, which symbolize her participation in the fashioning of the Trojan Horse. But her multi-faceted relation with the horse is known from many other myths
Who was one of the first kings of Athens?
Cecrops was one of the first kings of Athens. Half-man, half-snake, he is on the Acropolis, where a sacred olive tree is growing. He participates in a mystic rite, along with Athena, the patron of the city. He holds a phiale for a libation, and a small lamb. A Nike arrives on the scene, flying, and she is about to pour wine from her oinochoe into Athena's phiale. At the root of the olive tree there is a box covered by a luxurious, decorated piece of cloth. In the box is Erichthonios, whom Athena entrusted to Cecrops. To the right a woman, maybe Zeuxippe, is holding the weapons of Athena
What happened to the daughters of Cecrops?
The three daughters of Cecrops (cont. from the previous slide), Pandrosos (Dewy), Erse and Aglauros, to whom Athena gave the box with Erichthonios, and ordered them not to open. They disobeyed, and were punished. The three sisters sit here behind their father, and a winged figure addresses one of the sister, being the personification of Curiosity, or maybe Hiemeros (Desire).
What is the Parthenon?
It is the most famous building in the world. It is dedicated to Athena and is on the acropolis, or high point of the city
Does every city have an acropolis?
Yes. Every city was based around an acropolis.
What are root metaphors?
Root metaphors reflect the human subconscious. It is universal to all humans. these root metaphors are expressed through myth.
Who originated the universal subconscious?
Carl Jung created the the idea of the universal subconscious.
What's the archetype of the Death and the Maiden
Agamemnon is asked to scarifice his daughter Iphigenia. Agamemnon lies to his daughter and says that he is going marry Iphigenia to Achilles. When she arrives, he kills her. This is a major archetype.
What is a myth written down?
An artificial myth
What is an epithet?
An epithet is the function of the divinity tagged on to the end of a name
Aphrodite Nymphia
Bridal Aphrodite
Aphrodite Peitho
Aphrodite the Persuader
Aphrodite Ambologera
Aphrodite who postpones old age
Aphrodite Pandemos
Aphrodite of all the people
What does it mean to be anthropomorphic?
To be shaped as a human
What do the Greeks and Hebrews have in common?
They both worship people shaped gods, not animal shaped gods
What does the root -gony mean?
-gony means birth of
Who proceeded the Olympians?
The Titans
Where the Greeks true believers?
Half and Half, they believed more in the gods, less in the stories.
Who created the Hellinistic Period?
The Hellenistic period was created by Alexander the Great
What did Euhemerus write or think?
Euhemerus felt that the myths were stories bout real humans but were extremely exaggerated. Wrote the sacred scriptures.
What did Lucretius write or think?
Lucretius was the backlash to myths. Felt they came solely from ignorance
What is the Theogony?
The Theogony tells the sotry of the god's birth, and was wrote by Hesiod.
How were creation stories created?
Authors rely on Divine Revelation, revealed by the 9 muses.
How were the muses created?
The muses were born through the 9 nights spent between Zeus and Mnemosgne
What do the muses control?
They control all art.
Define a Special Glossa
Was a special language (poetry) to confer the truth
How did the universe start according to Hesiod?
The universe started with Chaos and Gaia
When did the first generation of gods start?
First generation starts with the birth of Ouranos
Who ruled the first generation of gods?
Ouranos (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) ruled the first generation of gods
What does Ouranos do in fear of his children?
Ouranos, scared of his children, shoved the back into Gaia' birth canal.
How does Gaia free her children from the womb?
Gaia creates a scythe, and gives it it Cronos. He proceeds to cut off Ouranos boys, creating Aphrodite and the Furies
Who rules the second generation of Gods?
Cronos marries his sister Rhea, who then rule as the second earth and sky gods
What did Cronos do in fear of his children?
He would eat each child.
How is Cronos defeated?
Zeus is saved by his mother Rhea and protected by the Curates. When his is old enough, Zeus attacks.
What is the war between Cronos and the Olympians called?
What is the war between the Giants and Zeus called?
Who ruled the third generation of Gods?
Zeus and Hera
True or False: Opposites like to stay apart?
Who was allowed to make mankind?
Prometheus was allowed by Zeus to create mankind. Athena provided mankind with life
How does knowledge alienate Gods from men?
Zeus becomes weary of mankind and his knowledge provided by Prometheus.
What is a Holocaust in the Greek world?
A total burning, which was required by Zeus. Prometheus helps man by tricking Zeus into only taking the bad parts of meats in his sacrifices
Who does Prometheus relay his story to?
Io, who wanders around as a cow.
Who created Pandora?
Hephaestus created Pandora as a punishment for man by Zeus
What does Pandora mean?
Pan= All, Dora= Gifts
What does Prometheus mean?
Fore thought
Epimethius means what?
After Thought
What really is Pandora's box?
Woman's womb.
What remains in Pandora's box?
What is Metis?
Metis is both a god and intelligence
What sets Zeus apart of Ouranos and Cronos?
Zeus employs Metis, the others don't
How are Giants identified in art?
They have wings and snaky legs
Dheu means?
Dheu is the root for all supreme gods.
Zeus Nephelegereta
Zeus the cloud gatherer
Zeus Ombrios
Zeus of Rain
Zeus Keraunos
Zeus the Thunderer
How was Zeus worshiped at Dodona?
Zeus was worshiped through oak trees at Dodona
Where was a giant statue to Zeus located?
At Zeus' temple at mount Olympus, a giant statue was dedicated to his honor.
How was Zeus worshiped at Crete?
Zeus was worshiped at Crete as a god who dies.
In Arcadia, how was Zeus worshiped?
Zeus is an angry god at Mt. Lycaeus in Arcadia who demands human sacrifice. Every 9 years a priest kills a man and is sent out into the woods.
Zeus Xenios
Zeus who protects relationships between guest and host
Zeus Horkios
Zeus who protects oaths
Zeus Hikesios
Zeus who protects sublication
What is Zeus' relationship with order?
Zeus gives the world order
Who has Zeus produced with Hera?
Zeus sired Hebe, Ares, and Eileithyia with Hera
Who is Hebe?
Hebe represents the blossom of Youth
What traits do the children of Hera and Zeus possess?
The children of Zeus and Hera are always unruly and angry.
What is Moirae?
Moirae is the allotment a man has in life given by the fates
Who are the three Fates?
Clotho is the spinner, Lachesis is the measurer, and Atropos is the scissor cutter.
What are in the two jars by Zeus' throne?
in the two pithoi contain gifts and miseries
In the Hellenistic period, how is Zeus portrayed? Who created this idea.
Zeus is seen more as a force than as a god. Monotheisticaly, Zeus becomes equated to nature, reason, providence, fate, and law.

Cleanthes created this idea.
What is Zo?
Zo means life and is equated to Zeus
What is Logos?
Logos means reason and is equated to Zeus
What is Nomos?
Nomos means Law and is equated to Zeus
What happened to the gods in the Hellenistic view?
The rest of the gods were assimilated into Zeus
Who is associated with making the earth shake?
Poseidon, who is associated with horses, earthquakes, and crashing waves.
Who did Poseidon replace?
Poseidon replaced Ocean
Poseidon Ennosigaios
Poseidon who Shakes the Earth
Poseidon Gaienokhos
Poseidon who holds the earth
Where do we find proof that the ancients found fossils?
In the art that depicts Laomedon sacrificing Hesione to the Sea Monster, the sea monster is in fact a dinosaur that was fossilized.
Who finds Poseidon's wife Amphritrite?
Amphritrite was found by the dolphins and brought back to Poseidon
What gift did Poseidon give the Athenians?
Poseidon gave the Athenian a useless river
Who produced Hephaestus?
Hephaestus was unilaterally produced by Hera in response to the birth of Athena
Who is Flora?
Flora resides in the primordial marriage chamber. she tells Hera of the seed that will help her produce Hephaestus.
What is the difference between Clear Eggs and Zephyrian Eggs?
Clear eggs can be found in nature and help a woman produce unilaterally. Zephyrian eggs are fertilized by the west wind Zephyr.
What does Aristotle think about the egg dispute.
Feels that either way, an ugly, half-baked child will be produced.
Who is the god of shepards and travelers?
Who is the god of hinges?
Who is the god of Trickery and Theft?
Who is the god of trade and contracts?
What is the purpose of the Herm?
The Herm encourages fertility
What is kakometis?
It is metis plus cunning intelligence
How is Artemis depicted?
She has golden arrows, is a virgin and is often associated with deer.
Artemis Callimachus
Artemis who portects the wild
Where are temples to Artemis located?
Artemis' temples are located in the Eschatiai, or rural areas
What is Artemis a symbol of?
Artemis symbolizes the unploughed, unspoiled, uncultivated
Who does Artemis protect?
Young girls, mountains, woods and sea
What was Brauron?
At Brauron, Girls went through the rights of passage, changing from girls who are protected by Artemis to women.
What was involved in the rights of passage for boys
Big hunt, usually for boars
Athena Glaukopis
Owl-eyed Athena
Pallus Athena
Killed pallus the giant and wears him as a breastplate
Baby sat Tritons child Pallus, who she accidently killed
Who is Erichthonius?
Born of the seamen of Hephaestus and the leg of Athena. He is half snake and half man, and is said to be the ancestor of the Athenians
What does Ericthonius mean?
eric means strife, Thonius means of earth
What is the Panathenaen?
Athena's birthday was a huge celebration called the Panathenaen. Biggest ever four years, when they replaced the sheet on the statute of Athena
How long did Mycenae last?
Mycenae did not last past about 1100 B.C., if that long. Its heyday was during the Trojan war, somewhere around 1300 B.C.
Who was Clytemnestra?
Clytemnestra was wife of the king. She killed her husband after he returned from battling the Trojans. She lived in Mycenae
Who was Aegisthus?
Aegisthus was cousin to the king of Mycenae. He had an affair with the queen while the king was fighting in Troy. He lived in Mycenae
Who was Iphigenia?
Iphigenia was sacrificed by her father, king of Mycenae, to Artemis so that he could obtain favorable winds for his expeditions to Troy. She lived in Mycenae
Who was Orestes?
Orestes was son of the king and queen of Mycenae. He killed his mother after returning from exile because she had killed his father. He lived in Mycenae
Who was Electra?
Electra was daughter to the king and queen of Mycenae. Her mother kept her locked away so she could not marry. She helped her brother kill her mother. She lived in Mycenae
Who was Agamemnon?
Agamemnon was king of the city (ca. 1300 BC). He led the Greek armies to Troy to retrieve Helen and the Spartan treasures. he lived in Mycenae
What did Schliemann find in a tomb at Mycenea?
The "mask of Agamemnon" was found by Schliemann at Mycenae.