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The eighth amendment protects citizens from?
Excessive bail; cruel and unusual punishment
The latin phrase habeas corpus translates to?
"you have the body"
One of the duties of probation officers is to complete a ______, which contains information that judges use when sentencing defenders
(PSI) presentence investigation report, that provides the court with the basis for making a sentencing decision by including a personal history of the offender, often a victim impact statement, and recommendation for sentencing
A punishment inflicted on a person who deserves to be “punished” achieve the goal of?
People who feel that we should “lock criminals up and throw away the key” are promoting?
A sentence that includes drug and alcohol treatment and mental health treatment in an effort to aid an offender in changing his or her life is focused on the goal of?
Studies have found that ____ have received harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes
p.298 Blacks
As a result of the holding in Furman v. Georgia, over 600 inmates on death row???
were commuted to life imprisonment, led to the development states having a of a 2 stage trial
Evidence that an offender is the victim of abuse, has a mental illness, or is a first–time offender are examples of
mitigating factors
An especially heinous murder would be an example of a/an
aggravating factors
When it comes to supporting the death penalty versus life in prison, U.S citizens feel how?
The public is evenly divided when it comes to supporting the death penalty (48%) versus life in prison (47%)
Which of the following statements best describes the cost of executing offenders?
It cost more to execute offenders than life imprisonment because of the extraordinary judicial processes required in capital punishment
A writ of habeas corpus is what?
A written judicial order requiring that a prisoner’s case be reviewed in court to determine if he is being held unconstitutionally
What are the goals of sentencing?
Housing sexually violent predators in secure psychiatric facilities even after they have completed prison is referred to as
mentally disordered sex offenders (MDSO) laws p.301
preventive detention and civil commitment ??