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Standard video files for Windows


Standard formats for QuickTime movies


Standard formats for movies on the Internet


Video format designed for HTML5 video


Royalty-free, open video and audio format designed for HTML5 video


Format for compressing audio files that uses the MPEG-1 stamdard


Free alternative to MP3 format, supported by HTML5


Native sound format for Windows


Free open - source file format that has become an Internet standard for graphics


Bitmap format that uses lossless compression and supports various resolutions: limited to 256 colors: most effective for drawings or illustrations




Format that supports 16 million colors; uses lossy compression; widely used for photographs an complex graphics



Popular customization format that supports grayscale, 8-bit and 24-bit color, and monochrome; commonly used for medical imaging and desktop publishing


Format designed for printing on postscript printers


Plain(ASCII)text file; does not support formatting or images


Format that supports formatting and images that can be read on any computer regardless of operating system; requires Adobe Reader for viewing that documents



Formats for files created with Microsoft Word for Windows


Formats for files created with Microsoft Word for Windows


Supports images and formatting; compatible with many operating systems