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The appointment of a specific resource to a special task.
A factor that is considered to be real or certain for planning purposes.
Change Management
The process tools and techniques that help people implement changes to achieve a desired outcome.
A factor, such as budget or time that limits a project managers options.
A security technique designed to prevent access to information by converting it into a scramble (unreadable) form of text.
Gantt Chart
A horizontal bar chart that graphically displays projects tasks and durations.
An internal network based on TCP/IP protocols accessible only to user within a company.
The end of a stage that marks the completion of a task or series of resulting in a key deliverable.
Needs analysis
Determining a customers needs by acquiring information processing and evaluating the information then creating a plan to address the needs.
Project management
The practice of applying skills and processes to activities in order to meet deadlines and achieve desired.
Project schedule
A document that lists the planned dates for performing task and meeting goals defined in a project plan.
A person department or devices needed to accomplish a task.
Return on investment (ROI)
Profit earned as a result of a project relative to the values of resources required to complete it.
The goals and task of a project and the work required to complete them.
Scope creep
Gradual increases in project scope that can undermine the success of a project.
A person or group with an interest in a project and with the power to exert influence over the project and affect results.
Statement of work (SOW)
A contract to initiate a project goals and specifies how those goals will be met.
A unit of work that must be accomplished during the course of a project.
An audio and/ or video web event that is distributed over the internet.
An interactive Web-based seminar or training session.