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Which side had more factories, food, railroads, and soldiers?
The Union
What was the organization of people, houses, and trails called that helped blacks run for freedom before the Civil War?
The Underground Railroad
What song did the South sing to rally their troops?
What blackman led a revolt in pre-Civil War years that put terror in the hearts of the Southerners?
Nat Turner
Who tried to start a slave rebellion at Harper's Ferry?
John Brown
Name the most famous general of the South.
Robert E. Lee
The first major battle of the Civil War was the Battle of?
Bull Run or Manasses
Name the primary reasons the North fought the Civil War.
To keep the Union intact and to end the slavery issue.
What was the name of the Confederate Ironclad ship - the first ever made in the United States.
The Merrimack
Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?
Jefferson Davis
What name did the Union often go by?
What state became a state during the Civil War?
West Virginia
What was a greyback?
A Confederate soldier or a lice.
Why did Abraham Lincoln grow his beard?
A little girl, Grace Bedell, wrote him a letter during his campaign telling him that more ladies would like him and tease their husbands into voting for him if he grew some whiskers.
Name the most famous general of the Union who later became president.
Ulysses S. Grant
Name the primary reasons the South fought the war?
The right for the individual states to govern themselves and to protect their homes from invading Northern armies.
What famous Southern general from the new state of West Virginia received the name Stonewall?
General Thomas Jackson because he stood against the Union like a "stonewall."
Who was the Great Compromiser that effectively delayed the war for quite a few years?
Henry Clay
What famous speech did Abraham Lincoln give that started "Four Score and Seven years ago...."
Gettysburg Address
What song did the North sing to rally their troops?
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
What was the biggest crop of the South?
What was the name of the First Confederate Lady?
Varina Davis
Where was the first land battle of the Civil War?
Phillippi, (W)Va
The first gun shots were started by the Confederates at what place?
Ft. Sumter
Did Abraham Lincoln live to see the last surrender of the war?
No! He saw Lee's surrender, but some of the troops further south were yet to come in. They did so shortly after his death.
What was a bluebelly?
A Union Soldier
What city was the capital of the Confederacy?
Richmond, Virginia
What was the drinking gourd?
The star constellation that points out the North Star.
Who was known as Unconditional Surrender?
U. S. Grant
Name a famous Southern woman spy?
Belle Boyd, Wild Rose Greenhow, etc.
What was Kansas called during the border battles with Missouri after the Kansas-Nebraska Act before the Civil War?
Bleeding Kansas
What year did the Civil War begin?
Who was Mathew Brady?
The most famous photographer of the Civil War era.
What was an Arkansas toothpick?
A sword
What name were the Confederates often called by?
Who was the president of the United States of America during the Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln
Who became president after Lincoln was shot?
Andrew Johnson
What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?
The Battle of Antietam
What happened at Appomattox Court House?
General Lee surrendered the Virginia Confederate troops to General Grant.
How long did the war last?
4 years
Who killed Abraham Lincoln?
John Wilkes Booth
What was the judge's decision in the Dred Scott case?
That slaves were property and had no rights in the United States.
What was the name of the First Lady of the Union during this time?
Mary Todd Lincoln
Name a famous Civil War nurse who after the war, started the American Red Cross in the United States.
Clair Barton
What color was considered to be the Union color?
Name a famous Northern woman spy?
Emma Emmonds, etc.
The North and South had different names for the Civil War battles. How did each side name the battles?
The North named battles after nearby rivers, creeks, or mountains while the South named them after the towns that acted as their base during the battle.
What was a person called who was actively against slavery?
What was the document called that freed the slaves during the War?
Emancipation Proclamation
What city did Sherman's disastrous march end at?
Atlanta, Georgia
What was the first state to secede from the Union?
South Carolina
What was the Union ironclad ship that battled against the Confederate's Merrimack with neither side winning a victory?
The Monitor
What river marked the free states from the slave states?
Ohio River
What battle was the turning point that led to the South's defeat?
The Battle of Gettysburg
Which side paid their soldiers more?
The Union
Who was the woman known as Moses?
Harriet Tubman
How many states made up the Confederacy?
What is hardtack?
A very hard cracker much depended on for food by soldiers during the Civil War.
What was the name of the bag soldiers carried their food supplies in?
Who made the cotton gin that guaranteed a continued dependency on slavery in the South?
Eli Whitney
What were goober peas?
Unsalted peanuts in the shell very popular in the South.
How did Harriet Beecher Stowe affect the war?
She wrote the book Uncle Tom's Cabin that made many take a stand against slavery.
What color was considered to be the Confederate color?