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Nat Turner
Pastor who led one of the most serious slave revolts
Clara Barton
Union Nurse - Started American Red Cross
Fort Sumter – 1861
Anderson vs. Beauregard – CSA won, started civil war
First Manassas (Bull Run) – 1861
McDowell vs. Beauregard/ Jackson – CSA won, 1st Battle
Shiloh – 1862
Grant/Sherman vs. Johnston/ Beauregard – Union won
Second Manassas (Bull Run)
Pope vs. Jackson – CSA won
Antietam – 1862
McClellan vs. Lee - Union won, bloodiest day in U.S. history
Fredericksburg – 1862
Burnside vs. Lee – CSA won
Chancellorsville – 1863
Hooker vs. Lee/Jackson – CSA won, considered Lee’s greatest
Chickamauga – 1863
Rosecrans vs. Bragg – CSA won, Largest battle in West
Chattanooga – 1863
Grant vs. Bragg – Union won
Stones River (Murfreesboro) – 1863
Rosecrans vs. Bragg – Union won
Vicksburg – 1863
Grant vs. Johnston – Union won, split Confederacy in half
Who are the Copperheads and what was their impact?
Northerners who were peace democrats, insulting term
Who were Carpetbaggers?
Northerners who exploited the South for profit, unwelcome visitors,
Who are scalawags?
White southerners who helped carpetbaggers
What is the significance of Wirz (Andersonville POW Camp, Georgia)
Wirz is commander of a prison camp (Andersonville) where Prisoners were treated cruelly, he shot prisoners without warning for crossing a stockade line, 10,000 Northern soldiers died from neglect, he was the only confederate soldier executed by the North
What was the role of Custer at Appomattox Station?
Drove off two confederate divisions with one division and stole supply train and artillery
What are the total estimated casualties in the Civil War?
620,000- 700,000
Where was the bloodiest single day?
Antitem, sept 17, 1862, casualties 26,134
What was the last confederate victory?
Swahona Gap
Lee’s Surrender took place here
Appamatox Courthouse
This battle divided the South
Battle of Vicksburg
Frederick Douglass
Abolitionist and writer who led the attack on slavery in the mid 1800s by describing his own enslavement
William Lloyd Garrison
Abolitionist and editor of the newspaper “The Liberator”
Angelina and Sarah Grimke
Southern abolitionists who had seen the evils of slavery and spoke out against it
Underground Railroad
a system of secret routes that escaping slaves followed to freedom
Levi and Catherine Coffin
Quakers from Indiana who helped slaves escape by hiding them in their house
Harriet Tubman
Abolitionist and underground railroad conductor and spy for the Union Army during the Civil War
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Spoke for the rights of women at a convention they held in Seneca Falls NY
Sojourner Truth
Slave who spoke out about the evils of slavery. She gave speeches in support or abolition and women's rights
Which Union leader employed psychological warfare?
Sherman, burning everything, stole possessions, killed livestock
What did Davis do after Richmond was taken?
Evacuated to Danville (new confederate capitol), packed his family,
Who were 'Sherman's Sentinels'?
Chimneys of burned out houses
What was 'The Great BBQ'?
Economic term describing corruption following the war
Doctrine of Nullification
doctrine that States can opt out of federal laws (Calhoun) - SC threatened to secede over a tariff
What were Europe's actions (or lack thereof) during the war?
Supply of war ships and materials to the confederacy
Could Europe do without cotton from the south?
Yes. Britain imported cotton from India
How did each side pay for the war?
Underground Railroad?
Loosely organized system organized by both whites and free blacks to help escaped slaves flee to Canada or safe areas of free states
What was the USS Merrimack was later named?
CSS Virginia
Who designed the USS Monitor?
Swedish Engineer John Ericson
What is the significance of Robert Shaw and 54th Massachusetts Infantry?
First Civil War Black Unit - he motivated his troops to fight
What was used to quickly transport soldiers to battles?
What is the Command of Army Act?
Required President Johnson to issue all military orders through the General of the Army (Grant)
What was the motto of the Copperheads?
“the constitution as it is and the Union as it was”
Was Antietam was considered a narrow Union or Confederate victory?
What was the Fugitive Slave Law?
Part of the 1850 compromise - all runaway slaves be brought back to masters
United States Sanitary Commission
provided battlefield relief and coordinated local supply efforts
Clement Vallandigham
Ohio Unionist Copperhead - anti war - pro confederate