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What is the Unions main goal for fighting?

They wanted to keep the country as one.

What were the 3 strategies for the north to win the war?

The Anaconda Plan:

1.Blockade southern ports

2.Control the Mississippi river and split the south in 2.

3. They wanted to capture the capital; Richmond Virginia.

What were the strategies for the South to win the war?

1. They wanted to fight a war of attrition.

(Attrition was basically where you just kept fighting till the other side got tired and gave up)

What were the Unions strengths?

1. Larger population

2. They had 90% of total manufactering output

3.More money; pay troops, food for troops

4.The leadership if Abraham Lincoln

5.They had better climate which led to better agriculture which led to more food

What were the Confederates strengths?

1.They had 8 military colleges

2.Fighting a defensive war

3.Fighting for their home; land

4.They compared themselves to the Revolutionary's.

Where did the Civil War start?

Fort Sumter falls, April 12th 1861, South Carolina

Civil War

A war between citizens of the same country


To withdraw from a union or an alliance


The use of ships to block or prevent the use of parts or travel destinations


Canon of large caliber weapons

Martial Law

When the military is in charge of and places the laws

Border States

Slave states that stayed with the union: Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, and Maryland

Habeas Corpus

A legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person had been lawfully imprisoned


An ongoing rise in prices and decrease in the value of money

Total War

It affects everybody, not just the military but the people so everybody would feel the pain

Battle of Bull Run

1. Confederates won the battle

2.They learned that the war would be bloody and long

3.It was the first major battle of the war

Battle of Shiloh

1.Union won the battle

2.The Union cut off the Confederates only rail line connecting the Mississippi and western Tennessee

3.General Grant was the Unions general

Battle of Chancellorsville

1. The Confederates won the battle

2.The south completely dominated!

3.General Stonewall Jackson died from friendly fire :(

Battle of Fredricksburg

1.Confederates won the battle

2.It stopped the Union from moving South

Battle of Antietam

1. The Union won the battle

2. The Confederates thought that a successful invasion would convince the north to accept southern independence and would help with elections.(But it didn't)

3. It was the most single bloodiest days of the war.

4. It wasn't really a win for either of them so the Union took advantage of that and told the north they got a easy victory.

Battle of Vicksburg

1. The Union won the battle

2.They accomplished their goal in the Anaconda plan:

3.The Union gained control of the Mississippi

Battle of Gettysburg

1.The Union won the battle

2.The Confederacy's final battle

3.Was a turning point for the north

What is the Emancipation Proclamation and when was it developed?

1. It was a proclamation that made all slave states in states at war free; all Confederate states.

2. It was made after the Battle of Antietam and it was effective Jan 1st 1863

3. Abraham L. didn't include the border states because he needed the support from them.

How did the African Americans participate in the Union Army?

1. They built things and cleaned up after battles. 2. They were fighting in the battles by the end of 1862.

Who was Jefferson Davis?

The president of the Confederacy

Who was Robert E. Lee?

He was a great military leader of the Confederacy

Who was George McClellen?

He was the Unions general but he got fired because he was taking to long to get things going.

What are Ironclad ships?

Ships with iron on them so they don't sink

What role did the Merrimack/Virginia play in the Civil War?

The Union ship was damaged so the south rebuilt it as the first Merrimack ship called the Virginia.

What role did the Monitor play in the Civil War?

It was a ship that the north built to fight against the souths ships.

What happened at the Appomattox Court House?

The two generals met up at the court house and went over the surrender of the south. Lincoln was forgiving. The

What is the significance of the Gettysburg Address?

It was a speech made by Abraham L. that honored the soldiers that died by expressing their rights.

How were the United States of America transformed by the Civil War?

We are one whole country, Slavery is over and they started a women's right movement and a movement for equal rights.