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What two events was John Brown responsible for?

Pottawatomie Massacre

Raid on Harper's Ferry

Why was adding a free or slave state a problem in the years leading up to the Civil War?

It kept the power in the Senate from being even

Why was Fort Sumter important?

Start of the Civil War

What is a border state?

Union state that had slaves

Name a border state

Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland

Who was Jefferson Davis?

Confederate President

What happened immediately after Lincoln was elected?

South left - South Carolina first. Didn't trust Lincoln.

Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?

To keep Europe out of the war. Discouraged European assistance to the South.

What did the Emancipation Proclamation accomplish?

Deprived South of workforce and gave slaves right to join military.

What procedures did doctors resort to when there was a bad wound to an extremity (leg or arm)?

Cut it off with a saw.

How did access to coffee and tea benefit soldiers?

It gave them something clean to drink since coffee and tea are boiled.

What ratio of deaths from disease to combat?

2 to 1

How did doctors contribute to medical problems?

They didn't clean supplies and reused supplies since they didn't have enough. This spread germs and caused infection.

What types of food did soldiers have access to?

Union ate hardtack, salted meat, cornbread, molasses, salt and pepper, coffee and tea, rice and hominy, dried beans and peas, desiccated vegetables and condensed milk.

Confederates ate cornbread, salted meats, dried peas, molasses, hardtack, some coffee and tea, sugar, peanuts and vegetables.

Which slaves were freed under the Emancipation Proclamation?


Know how the Emancipation Proclamation impacted the war and its cause

It kept England from helping, it gave slaves hope, it made the war be about slavery

Who did and did not support the Emancipation Proclamation?

Supporters - Slaves, some northerners

Did not - Southern whites, some northerners

What policies were explained in the Proclamation?

African Americans can be in the military, slaves in rebel states were free,freed slaves should be paid a wage

Who won


What was significant about the Appomattox courthouse. Which general surrendered and which accepted surrender?

Confederate General Lee surrendered to Union General Grant

What is the 54th Massachusetts?

First African American regiment. Proved African Americans could fight.

What is Total War?

Grant ordered General Sherman to destroy the enemy's will to fight and their ability to support an army by terrifying civilians.

Describe Sherman's March to the Sea

Sherman's forces burned residences, destroyed railroads from Atlanta to Savannah, stole food and livestock.