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Advantages of the South
Fighting a defensive war
Southerners had skills that made them good soldiers
Best officers in the United States Army were from the South
The Civil War affected the soldiers and ___________ alike.
In 1863, Lincoln said that he would _______________ the slaves in states still in rebellion.
In the North, protesters against the war were arrested and denied _______________.
Habeas corpus
Large amounts of paper money contributed to __________ in both the North and the South.
Northerners who opposed the way Lincoln was handling the war.
The law which required males aged 20 to 45 to serve in the military.
Money the Union gave men to join the army
Robert E. Lee
Commander of the Confederate Forces
William Tecumseh Sherman
Led the Union march from Atlanta to the sea.
Ulysses S. Grant
Commander of the forces to whom Robert E. Lee surrendered.
Clara Barton
Founded the Red Cross
Sojourner Truth
An anti-slavery leader who worked in Union hospitals and in camps for freed slaves.
Tax in kind
A law requiring farmers to turn over one tenth of their crop to the government.
Stonewall Jackson
A Confederate general who earned his nickname for standing firm at Bull Run.
Sally Louisa Tompkins
Opened a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and of 1,333 patients treated, only 73 died.
Emancipation Proclamation
Slaves in the states still in rebellion were set free
People who made money by charging high prices for goods needed by the army
Dorthea Dix
Reformed prisons and mental hospitals, became the superintendent of nurses for the Union army and earned the nickname Dragon
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederacy