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10. What disease did the Spanish bring that devasted Native American populations before some of the Spanish even met them?
D. Smallpox
1. Native American language groups
C, Deme, Athapascan, Muskohoegan, Iroqouian
7. The Vikings did not start a Europeon Rush to the New World because of Europe's lack of:
A. Technology, communication, political organization, need or desire.
European tribes
A. Celts, Jutes, Saxons, Normans, Franks
9. Some products from America that changed Europeon lifestyle in the Age of Exploration:
B. potatoes, maize(corn), tomatoes, chocolate, tomato
8. The Spanish Armada:
B. Represented the royal fortune in one fleet, sunk by England.
13. All of the following resulted from trade between Africa and Portugal EXCEPT
A. the spread of Islam in North Africa
12. Senghai, Benin, and Kongo can all accurately be described as powerful African kingdoms that were:
B. Enriched by foreign trade
11. All of the following are important aspects of Kwakiutl culture EXCEPT:
A. Adobe
14. To John Smith's dismay, the settlers in Jamestown directed most of their energy toward:
D. Searching for gold and other riches
15. Tenochtitlan was conquered by forces led by:
A. Hernando Cortes
3. Europe was in this technological stage in 1200
D. Iron Age
20. Difference between the North and the South?
B. Nothern colonists came to creates new societies, southern ones came to maek money.
16. Bacon's Rebellion resulted from Nathaniel Bacon's sympathy with the problems forced by:
D: English Settlers on the frontier.
17. The greatest help to the Spanish in defeating Aztec foreces came from:
B. Diseases brought by the Spanish.
19. The name Puritan comes from this group's desire to:
D. Remove Roman Catholic traditions from the church of England.
4. Native Americans were in this technological stage in 1200
B. Neolithic (new stone age)
6. Mary I had this plan for England:
D. go back to being Catholic by marrying Phillip I.
18. The oldest European settlement in the present-day United States is the one founded at:
C. St. Augustine
5. Two large language groups of Native Americans who lived in the Eastern Woodlands were:
D. The Iroquis and the Algonquian