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Why is the lawmaking function of Congress central to democracy?

Congress represents the things that the people want

What are the qualifications to serve in the House of Representatives?

25 years old , citizen for 7 years and resident of state your representing

How many members from each state server in the senate?


who screens bills for floor consideration in Congress?

committee members

Define session

anual meeting where congress conducts buisness

what/who sets the number of senate seats?

number of states

are the members of congress part of the presidents cabinet?


what happened in McCulloch v. Maryland?

upheld the doctrine of the implied powers

who has the sole power to impeach the president?

House of Rep

what is a nonlegislative power that is exercised solely by the president?


list some of the expressed powers that belong to congress.

impeach, tax, regulate commerce

in regards to foreign affairs, what power does congress has that the president does not?

borrowing power, commerce power.

why does congress create committees?

to sort through bills

who is the leader of the senate when the Vice president is absent?

president pro temp.

what does the house rules committee do?

sets conditions for considering a bill

what is the presidential succession act?

set up line for presidential succsession

what happened in the election of 1800? why did the electoral system break down?

rise of political parties

who chooses a states presidential electors?

popular vote

what is the max amount of years a president can serve?


who follows the vice pres. according to the presidential succession act?

speaker of the house

what is the least number of presidential electors that a state can have?


who does the president share his/her military powers with?


what are ways that the president can exercise judicial powers?

reduce length of a sentence. posponing a sentence?

what/who gives the president the power to issue executive orders?

constitution and congressional acts

what is the ordinance power

gives pres. power to organize judicial branch

what is the difference between a treaty and an executive agreement

president needs senate approval for a treaty but not for executive agreement

what actions can the president take when he/she receives a bill?

veto, sign, or neither

what role does the secretary of state play?

offers advice for foreign affairs to the president

purpose of the united nations?

maintain international peace and security

what is the secretary of defense responsible for?

advising the pres. in the carrying out of defense policy.

what world event ended the united states commitment to a policy of isolationism?


what does the us offer foreign aid to other nations?

supporting struggling democracies

since the end of the cold war, American foreign policy has recognized that...

there are several new threats to world security

what was one weakness of the Articles of confederation?

it did not provide for national judiciary

what federal court exercises both original and appellate jurisdiction?

the supreme court

who appoints federal judges? who approves the appointment?

The president. the senate.

which federal court has original jurisdiction over most cases heard in federal court?

district court.

why is the supreme court called the high court?

last court in which federal questions can be decided

what happened in the court case Marbury v. Madison?

established courts powers of judicial review.

what court deals with cases in the district of columbia and the territories that belong to the US

a separate system of courts.

what are some differences between constitutional courts and special courts?

special courts hear a much narrower range of cases

what gives a federal court jurisdiction over a case?

anything involving crime in another state

what is the Free exercise clause?

freedom of religion

what is prior restraint?>

they rarely uphold prior restraints

the due process clause guarantees that...

states will not deny people any basic / essential liberties

the supreme court has ruled that demonstrations on Private property are legal if speeches are given. t or f


the customs and practices of British gov. are dirived from ....

an unwritten const.

what is the UK's legislature called?


The prim minister of Britain is the leader of the majority party in the house of commons. t or f