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What did the founding fathers hope to do by separate the government into 3 branches?

Limit its power

What is the main purpose of checks and balance powers?

Provide each branch of government the ability to stop the other branches from gaining too much power

What is the Great Compromise?

An agreement between the states in regard to how the states would be represented in congress

What are the 2 houses that make up congress?

Senate and The House of Representatives

Why is every state allowed 2 senators?

To ensure that smaller stated are fairly represented in Congress

What is the number of representatives a state can send to the House of Representatives dependent upon its population?

To ensure that larger states with higher populations are provided enough representation in congress.

What is the main job of the Legislative Branch?

Make Laws

What is the main job of the executive branch?

Carry out laws

What is the main job of the Judicial Branch?

To interpret laws

Which branch of government is the President the head of?

Executive Branch

Which branch of government is made up by congress?

Legislative Branch

Which branch of government is headed by 9 Supreme Court judges?

Judicial Branch

Who has the check and balance power to veto bills?


Who has the check and balance power to override vetoes?


Who had the check and balance power declare laws and actions of the president and congress unconstitutional.

Supreme Court