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The last step when creating a law is

The bill goes to the Senate for action.

If something happens to the president and vice-president, who is next in line?

The Speaker of the House

If you are twenty nine years old, you could be elected for what office?

Only the House of Representatives

A permanent type of congressional committee is ___________

A Standing Committee

What clause allows Congress to make laws to reflect changing conditions?

the elastic clause

What can happen if a president acts in a manner contrary to his trust as President or demonstrates great prejudice of law?

The president can be impeached.

Why is Congress considered a bicameral body

it has two parts

How often are senators up for reelection?

every six years

What kind of power is proposing amendments to the Constitution


One Enumerated power of congress state in the constitution is the power to _____________

coin money

Describe how a seniority system is used

It is used by the party leaders to make committee assignments

What qualification do both houses of Congress have in common?

Members must live in the state they represent.

Lobbyist represent ______________ in an attempt to influence government

interest groups

Define Gerrymander

An oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group

Representation in the house is based on...


Who is the leader of the House of Representatives?


The bill becomes a law if....

the president takes no action after ten days while Congress is in session.

Describe Lobbyist

A group of people who represent groups and contact lawmakers hoping to influence their policy making.

How can a filibuster come to an end?

three-fifths of the senators voting for closure

Once a bill is introduced on the floor, where does it go next

to the appropriate standing committee