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Session Sharing

Is it on by default?


Session Sharing

What is it?

The re-use of an ICA connection to launch another app on the same server.

Session Sharing

What 5 application properties must match for session sharing to occur?

1.) Color Depth

2.) Screen Size

3.) Access Control Filters

4.) Sound

5.) Encryption

Session Sharing

Can published apps & desktops share sessions or servers?


Policy Trouble Shooting

What command line utility can run RSOP for Citrix policies.


Policy Troubleshooting

What's the syntax for a basic RSOP report on the local machine?

CtxCseUtil.exe /rsop

Policy Troubleshooting

What parameters target a specific user or computer?

/u or /c

i.e. CtxCseUtil.exe /rsop /u

Policy Troubleshooting

What's the GUI RSOP tool?

"Modeling" tab in studio & run "Modeling Wizard"

Policy Filters

What are the 9 policy filters?

1.) Access Control

2.) Citrix Cloudbridge

3.) Client IP 4.) Client Name

5.) Delivery Group

6.) Delivery Group Type

7.) OU 8.) Tag

9.) User or Group

PVS Troubleshooting

1.) How can you generate a PVS specific log bundle (ZIP).

2.) What is the EXE?

1.) PVS Data Tools

2.) PVSDataCollector.exe

PVS Troubleshooting

How do you setup CDF trace logging?

Download PVS specific config file from & install CDFMonitor.

PVS Troubleshooting

How do you stop and start logging?

Stopping & starting the "Citrix CDFMonitor" service.

PVS Troubleshooting

Where are the logs generated?


PVS Troubleshooting

When the stream process fails, what diagnostic dump file is created?


Target Boot Troubleshooting

What 3 services need to be running for the target to acquire and IP?




Target Boot Troubleshooting

How can you test TFTP?

First install the TFTP client (windows feature) then:

tftp.exe get ardbp32.bin

Target Boot Troubleshooting

B.D.M - What's that?

Boot Device Management, the PVS wizard that burns a PVS boot ISO.

Target Boot Troubleshooting

How do you use BDM to test the target?

Configure boot device (ISO) with a static IP & configure the target to boot from that ISO.

Target Boot Troubleshooting

What ports does PVS need?

6910-6930 for stream

5421 & 5422 for the console

69 for TFTP

PVS Troubleshooting (image creation - MCS)

What 2 things might you remove from a target VM (VMware or Hyper-V) to troubleshoot MCS?

1.) Ghost NICs from device mgr.

2.) third-party NIC drivers.

PVS Troubleshooting (image creation - MCS)

What would you disable?

NIC bonding/trunking

Storefront Troubleshooting

How do you propagate changes on one storefront server to the others in it's "server group"?

In Storefront console / Server Group , in action pane, choose "Propagate Changes".

Storefront Troubleshooting

Why might Storefront not propagate changes?

Recreate the Keys.

Storefront Troubleshooting

Why might you get a blue or black screen on a desktop at logon?

Drive mappings or folder redirection in login scripts.

Storefront Troubleshooting

How do you enable logging?


Set-DStraceLevel -All -TraceLevelVerbose

Storefront Troubleshooting

Why might apps be missing in Storefront (2)?

1.) Port incorrect for the controller as defined in storefront

2.) filters are setup to hide apps

Storefront Troubleshooting

What 2 things control SSO access to storefront from receiver.

1.) /includeSSON switch when installing receiver.

2.) GPO to "Allow Passthrough"