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Computer specialist
specialists including technical writers, computer trainers, computer technicians and help desk specialists
Computer technician
specialist who installs hardware and software as well as troubleshoots problems for users
Computer trainer
computer professional who provides classes to instruct users
individual who feels that the idea of using a computer is overrated and too troublesome to learn
Database Administrator
helps manage the overall database including maintaining security, providing disaster recovery support and monitoring the overall performance of database operations
person who feels it is an imposition to have to learn something new like computer technology
Help Desk Specialist
specialist who provides telephone support for end users within the organization
people who underestimate the difficulty of changing computer systems of generating information
Network Manager
computer professional who ensures that existing information and communication systems are operating effectively and that new ones are implemented as needed. Also responsible for meeting security and privacy requirements
person who looks a technology as a positive, realistic way
computer professional who creates new software or revises existing software
Systems Analyst
a computer professional who studies an organization’s systems to evaluate their information needs, designs computer software and hardware to meet those needs and then implements those systems
Technical Writer
computer professional who explains in writing how a computer program works
person who designs, creates, monitors, and evaluates corporate websites